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Lessons Learned From Our Honeymoon

Thursday, July 17, 2014

In keeping with the anniversary themed posts for this week, I thought I would share a little bit about our honeymoon and about the things we learned from that trip that we would have done differently. I first shared this post a few weeks ago over on Two Places At Once, but I thought I would share it with all of you in case you missed it. Our honeymoon wasn't the picture perfect trip we had been hoping for, but we got through it together and now have a story to share with our friends and family for years to come. So here are a few things to do before you leave on your honeymoon, or any vacation for that matter. 

  1. Buy A Fake Ring – I’ve seen far too many people snorkeling in resort pools looking for a lost ring!
  2.     Read Forums on Trip Advisor – We waited till we were in the air on our way to Mexico to look up reviews on our resort! If you looked up our first hotel now, you’d find that about 3 months after our visit there was a large explosion and nearly every review has something negative.
  3.     Pack A “First Aid Kit” – make sure it includes any medications you may need while you’re gone, you will be thankful you have this!
  4.     Do your research about the area, activities you may be interested in, airports, shuttles, and basically anything and everything you may need.
  5.     Look at adults only resorts – our second hotel was adults only and it was just so much more relaxing and quiet!
  6.          Splurge a little – it cost us a little extra to upgrade to our second hotel, but it was worth every penny!
  7.     Tell everyone it’s your honeymoon – who doesn’t love free upgrades!

Now you may be wondering why I recommend doing all of these things . . . and here’s why…

Sure this is supposed to be a time when you're all lovey dovey and so madly in love and just have the best trip of your life . . . well that's a little difficult to do when you end up in a hotel where there are blood stains on your sheets and used band aids floating in the pool. Ready to go home now? Well so was I! After many angry conversations with people who couldn't understand me, two days later we finally switched hotels. Problem solved, right?

Wrong. . . We switched hotels and were super happy with our new accommodations and all was going well . . . Until we decided to do an excursion that included jet ski's and snorkeling. Let's just say my husband was driving, the steering wheel caught his hand, he tried to jump off the moving jet ski that I was on the back of, I yelled, he sat back down, and the gulf of Mexico is now home to his wedding band. 

Fast forward to later at night, back at the hotel getting ready for a nice dinner. I'm looking through my bag to find my jewelry to wear with my nice dress. The same jewelry that I wore on my wedding day. GONE. Someone had rummaged through our bags at our first hotel while we were sitting on the balcony and taken the necklace, bracelets and earrings I wore at my wedding. Every time housekeeping had cleaned our room we had been there, so they either went through our bags while we were there, or waited for us to leave. In the reviews I had read online while in flight to our resort, I read several that warned not to put jewelry in the safe in your room, because all the staff have master keys and have been known to steal items. While the jewelry was just something I found at Macy's, it was special. It was what I wore on my wedding day, and it was something I wanted to keep forever.

At this point, I am so frustrated with the entire experience; I am counting down the days when I can go home. We sat at the pool the next day, defeated and irritated, but just trying to enjoy the rest of our trip. I'm supposed to be so over the moon in love with my husband I can't keep my hands off of him. Well, its a little difficult and not very romantic when said husband ends up with food poisoning. And I don't know about you ladies, but my husband is not the greatest person to be around when he doesn't feel good. Cranky, grumpy, moody, irritable . . . just to name a few.

We were done. . . done with Mexico, done with vacation, and absolutely ready to go home.

Lessons Learned:
1. Don't wear or bring any expensive or sentimental jewelry with you on vacation! My Wal-Mart fake ring works perfectly for any vacation (plus I can get a much larger ring that I can notice people staring at the entire trip!) 
2. Never eat medium done steak in Mexico, or if you do . . . make sure you have medicine just in case! You will just end up at the gift shop of your resort buying two pills of pepto bismol for $20.
3. Always. Always. Always look on trip advisor at the reviews of hotels before you book your trip (not on the plane ride on the way there)

Throughout the years, we have had lots of other mishaps and speed bumps on trips, but this one definitely takes the cake. They say the first year of marriage is the toughest, and clearly we've made it through our first 4 so hopefully all the other's will be smooth sailing. Did you have any travel mishaps you've learned from?


  1. Holy moly, what a honeymoon. I can't believe you had so many things go wrong. At least now you know, and its a good excuse to take another trip to make up for it!

  2. I always take a fake ring along too, and take medicine for sure :)

  3. Augh. I'm so sorry your honeymoon was so rough! I guess you do have good stories to tell because of it. (not that it really makes up for it!)

  4. always use a fake ring (on any vacation) and also bring a first aid kit!!!

  5. Oh so rough, that had to suck to have food poising though, that is NOT fun. We might be going to the place I have already been to for part of our honeymoon but I will definintely look up tripadvisor first. ♥ Great tips!

  6. Oh, my goodness, I can't believe you two remained Mr. and Mrs. after such a tough start. You all had no where to go but "up" after that experience. Happy 4th anniversary!

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