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Parade of Homes

Monday, July 14, 2014

I am a sucker for an open house, a new construction with no doors or locks yet and absolutely any street of dreams or home tour in the area. With our plans underway to build a new house, I am constantly looking for new ideas and options for decorating. So you can bet that I was excited to check out the NW Natural Parade of Homes this weekend in Vancouver! It was a hot 95 degree day, which is fairly unusual for Oregon weather, but we braved the heat anyways! Thankfully, clearly many people didn't, which made walking through each home much easier with less crowds. Plus it allowed me to take more pictures without getting in people's way. #bloggerproblems

Each home had its own unique decorating style and design, but all I had to do was walk in to one of the houses to feel completely at home. (I won't give away which one in case any of you venture through the show before it's over) I'm fairly certain my poor husband was sure we would never make it out of that house (and I even dragged him in a second time). Going to shows like this allow you to walk through the entire house and see nearly every nook and cranny of the home. It gives you an idea of the quality and style of different builders and lets you see products installed in rooms to give a more finished look. There were several couples at the show looking for ideas for a current build and many spectators just there to admire the houses. I highly recommend finding a show like this in your area, if for no other reason than to be nosey. Here are some of the images captures and some of my favorite spaces from all the 8 homes.

If you want to check out Parade of Homes in Vancouver before the show is over you have until July 27th. And once you do, let me know which is your favorite! Which of these spaces are your favorite? Are there any rooms that just make you want to jump in the picture and live there? 


  1. Oh my! I am loving that kitchen. And the tub. And the wood work in some of these places! Great ideas for a future home :)

  2. I want that tub... & I want white cabinets now... I want a new house! What am I talking about?!?!?

  3. I am seriously drooling over that kitchen!

  4. All of these spaces are so beautiful and they scream come buy me now! I also love that kitchen and the bathtub, so beautiful!

    A Joyful Kind of Life

  5. So pretty!! I want someone to come decorate my house like that!