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Portland Street of Dreams

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

So remember how I'm desperately hoping to get that phone call from our realtor or builder that they are finally starting on our new home, or how my current home practically gives me anxiety every time I walk through it because of all the moving boxes, or how I spend basically every waking minute of my day thinking up new design ideas for our house . . . well if you didn't know all that you do now I've been keeping you in the dark. Poor Dan has to be so sick of my frustrated rants about how I just want them to get started, but he's handling it very well. He clearly knows the key to my happiness is looking at new house stuff . . . which is exactly what we did again this weekend! I posted a few weeks ago all about the Parade of Homes event that we walked through, and of course with this weekend being the opening weekend at the Portland Street of Dreams, I had to make a visit there too! Here are some of my favorite spaces from those homes.


Kitchen & Dining:



Home Decor:

Office Spaces:

Bar & Wine Storage:

Which of these spaces do you love? There were definitely some rooms in each of the 5 houses we walked through that I could have moved in to! It's always so much fun to walk through the houses and dream of living in beautiful spaces like that! But my favorite part is being able to take some of the ideas from these houses and incorporating them in to our own! Which of these ideas would you like to use in your home? 


  1. I love that bedroom with the three square windows above the bed, that is so different and the backyard with the fireplace, what?! that is awesome!!

  2. Um, that bar is AWESOME! I wish we had the space in our house for a bar, we'd totally use it! I also love the peg-board organization in that sewing room.

  3. I think I could look at home inspiration pictures all day. I love them!

  4. Oh yes, those kitchens, LOVE! Sorry things have been frustrating lately, I hope they get a little better for you girl...

  5. oh my gosh- this was definitely my favorite read of the day!! We are getting ready to move and this got me so excited to decorate our new home! :) I am in love with the outdoor spaces! Maybe someday ;) (And that BAR!!!! LOVE!)

  6. So many gorgeous spaces! I love the outdoor spaces...and of course everything else too :)

  7. Can you have all of them?!? I love every room!