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The Solution To My Gift Giving Dilemmas!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whenever a gift giving holiday like a birthday or anniversary rolls around, I'm always left scratching my head with what to get a husband who has so many likes and hobbies. He gets bored easily, and with his crazy 24 hours on and 48 hours off schedule, he's constantly dreaming up some new adventure or activity to try on his days off. So deciding on which of those dozens of topics to pick from can be a little daunting. For our anniversary last week I decided to get him a new beer kit because he likes to home-brew. Lets just say I was a little out of place walking into that brew shop picking out different yeasts and grains to combine to make a summer ale. If I didn't know better, you'd think I was walking through that shop naked with the out of place looks I was getting. You can bet I was a little disappointed when I found Man Crates just after I had finished purchasing all his gifts and feeling absolutely awkward doing so. If I had known I could have ordered a beer lovers Man Crate from the comfort of my couch in my pajamas, my life would have been made a million times easier (and definitely less embarrassing). (And you can do so by visiting

After I got past the disappointment, I was wishing there were woman crates for all my hobbies, and to make Dan's shopping for me a little easier. But what would I want in a Woman Crate? You think of a guy's survival kit and it's no surprise that there are Man Crates for beer, sports, snacks and games. But since you can't fit all of Pinterest in one crate, what would I want in my Woman Crate survival box?

iPod, because dance parties, so people wouldn't just have to listen to me sing, and because I cannot live without Justin Timberlake . . . who's with me? If they can just fit Justin Timberlake in that crate that would work too.

A tutu, because well, life is just always better in a tutu. I have yet to find a situation that isn't made better by the addition of a tutu.

Wine, because for one, I'm not sure my husband would join me anywhere without wine, and two because it's wine!

My Camera, because I wouldn't really be a blogger if I didn't have any pictures. Plus if I didn't document it, it didn't happen, right? And who wouldn't want to document me on an island in a tutu dancing with Justin Timberlake with a glass of wine in my hand?!? That's a good weekend wrap up post if I ever had one!

A Floaty, because I'd get bored after dancing around the island for a while, so I'd want to float and work on my tan and enjoy the water. (Even better if it's a swan or a whale or a large margarita glass float)

Now I'm fairly certain that none of these items would help me in an actual emergency, so for my plan's sake lets assume that this is a survival kit for a day on an island, not an actual lifetime movie scenario where I'm stranded on an island for the rest of my life. So all you people at Man Crates, if you're looking at putting together fabulous gift giving crates for women to fulfill their totally rediculous survival kits, just remember Justin Timberlake (or an iPod), tutus, wine, a camera, and a float. And please notify my husband as soon as these become available! And if he's lucky, a Man Crate will be under the Christmas Tree for him this year! I would probably win the best wife of the year award or something if I gifted him one of those crates!

Which crate would your significant other love? What would you want in your own personal survival kit?