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The time I married my father

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm sure there were plenty of times I made my dad dress up and walk me down the isle in a pretend wedding in our living room as a child, just like how I made my grandfather come up to my room every night after dinner until I was 9 to buy dresses from my closet store. Lack of imagination is not something I possessed. But even spending all that time daydreaming and creating imaginary weddings, I never imagined I'd end up marrying my dad.  

Ever heard the saying you marry your father? Well apparently I did that. It was a saying I heard my mom say dozens of times growing up, but I never believed her. Whenever my dad would annoy her and she would complain, my response would always be "well you married him". I guess that's what they call karma! My husband and my dad couldn't be more similar if they tried. They've even been known to share clothes. Well, more like my dad likes to wear the clothes my husband doesn't want anymore instead of taking them to goodwill. It's our own little donation system, unfortunately there's not section of our tax return for that write off. It's not something I realized right away when I met Dan, or even something I was looking for. (I'm pretty sure the few months we spent living with them didn't help!) Since day one, my dad has always loved Dan. With the previous relationships I had or guys I brought home, my dad was always a little standoffish or skeptical at first. The first night dan came to dinner with us, my dad quickly warmed up to him and asked if he was prepared to take care of my brother and I if something should happen to my parents. (this may or may not have partially been the wine talking) When Dan said yes without hesitation (and continued to show up for family dinners), my dad was in love, or at least ready to welcome him in to the family, and they've been besties ever since! 

I feel very thankful that they get along so well but as my mother will tell you, at times it can be a little overwhelming. They laugh at the same jokes, team up together to irritate us (in a loving way of course), and have some of the exact same mannerisms. They've been known to make the same exact random comments and basically have the same sense of humor. Both of these men are kind, sensitive, and adventurous. Some of my favorite memories include the two of them. I never dreamed that I would find someone who would fit in so well with my family, although at times maybe he fits in a little too well. 

When my father-in-law passed away a few months ago and Dan and I were talking about everything we had been through, it meant the world to me that my husband was so thankful for the father he still has around in my dad. Sometimes I swear my dad loves Dan more than me, and I'm kinda okay with that. They will go to breakfast together just the two of them, come up with ridiculous adventures to take us on, and are always making us laugh. I can't imagine my life without the two of them causing trouble or driving us crazy! So I guess in the end, I would marry my dad again!

Were you surprised by how much your spouse is like someone close to you? What were some things that surprised you about your significant other? 


  1. I think it is so so awesome that they get along so well. I'm single but it has always been one thing I'm a stickler about. You must get along and mesh well with my family. Have a great day!!

  2. They say you marry someone like your father... guess you get checked in that category.
    Dad's - the first man in your life :)

  3. This is so precious! Special relationship for sure :)

  4. YES!! GIRL!! This is so true! My husband is like a perfect blend of my step-father and biological father. So weird LOL

  5. This is such a sweet story and it's always great when to people you love get along so well. I can relate because my dad and husband both get a long very well.

    A Joyful Kind of Life