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We're Not Homeless Yet . . .

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

It's been a few weeks since I've mentioned much about our house buying/selling/building process so I thought I'd share where we are at currently. . . .

Our house is currently sale pending, and while our closing date has been pushed back twice, we've gotten everything else finished and good to go including the inspection and the appraisal. Those were both huge weights off our shoulders. With only a few minor fixes to the house, we are now able to just play the waiting game before our closing in mid August. Our plan once our house closes is to rent a couple rooms (one for us and one for our stuff pets) from our friend. It should be interesting trying to fit a 1300 square foot house in to two rooms and have to live with a roommate again. It's only temporary, I have to keep telling myself, and it will help us save up money while our house is being built. While we have all the boxes checked off for our current house to be sold, please keep your fingers crossed still that everything continues to go as planned and we are able to close and move out in a month!

As for our new house, the waiting game appears to be taking even longer! Those permit guys at the city are really holding out on us and taking their time finalizing it all! It's hard to believe it's been close to two months that we've been waiting just to get permits back so that we can break ground! I'm ready to see something happen in that empty lot of ours! It's depressing how many times a week we drive by hoping to see something and then feel like creepers when our neighbors are outside wondering who this random Honda is and why they drive by their house daily! I'm crossing my fingers that this week we will see something start to happen on our home!

Once we see them break ground and get the foundation poured we are supposed to start making all of our appointments to pick out everything for the house. Cabinets, flooring, paint colors, light fixtures, backslashes, countertops . . . I can't wait. But where do you start? I think we might start with cabinet choices and flooring and then take it from there. Any suggestions? I've been scouring pinterest and walking through TONS of new construction homes to get some ideas for exactly what I want. I'm excited to check out NW Natural Parade of Homes this coming weekend in Vancouver to get a ton of ideas! And you can bet I will be taking lots of pictures and sharing some of the ideas I find that I love on the blog next week! I've been pinning ideas for all the rooms in our house on pinterest for weeks and thinking of creating different inspiration boards for each room so I can start to plan everything out and know exactly what decor items I want to purchase for the home. (Totally not OCD over here!)

Anyone who says buying or selling a house isn't stressful is lying to you. Figuring out what items I want to keep with us, how much space we are truly going to have in our rental, and what items I can live without for four months has been a difficult process. I've already realized I put too many shoes in storage and have made a few trips to the storage unit to rip open some boxes and haul a few more pairs of shoes back to my closet! I'm excited to be able to start seeing some progress on our home and hoping that the selling of our home continues to go smoothly. I'd love to see any of your remodel, decorating or home building ideas and photos that you might have. And please share if you have any suggestions of where to start when it comes to picking out all the details of our new home!


  1. Such an excited, but stressful time! It will all be worth it! Hang in there.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. They say that buying/building a home is one of the top 5 stressful things you can go through... that's what Pinterest is for to ease the tension :)

  3. my brother had such STRESS going through his closing on his house and the one he bought. i'm glad i have never gone through this.. i don't know if i'd make it out alive!

    i love white cabinets in kitchens with stainless steel. its my absolute favorite!!

  4. We just moved most of our stuff into storage and are renting a couple of rooms from my sister and her fiance. We're trying to save for a house. Good luck with the smaller space. We've made it work thus far, even though it is quite a change from our 4bdrm house we were in.

  5. Oh girl, so sorry to hear about the added stress. Keep your head up, it WILL be so worth it in the end, keep your eye on the prize :)

  6. Good luck! That sounds very stressful, but I hope it'll all be worth it! Fingers crossed that things keep moving along smoothly.

  7. How exciting! We are in the process of selling our house now, and I CANNOT WAIT to be sale pending. Plus, building a new house?! So jealous! :)

  8. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your permits come through soon! Have fun picking out all of your finishes. That would be fun, but also hard...so many great options!

  9. Oh, Libby, found you through Brittany, at Happy Is A Choice. What an exciting time in your life! After being in the same house for 33 years, my husband and I are also building. Construction began 4 weeks ago and we don't even have the foundation finished, but we are having a block foundation and they take a whole lot longer than a regular foundation. Studs should start going up in about another week. As to your choices and what to do first, I have a decorator assisting me and we did all my surfaces first, floors, counters tops and such. She said that gives you your base for all your other choices. So, that's what we did. The Houzz app and Pinterest are such a help in making choices and I have used them both a lot. All the best and praying the sale of the house goes through and you get those permits soon! My husband almost had a stroke over all the permits and the issues involved in getting them. Blessings to you!