Health, Love & Fire: August 2014

Confessions Friday

Friday, August 29, 2014

In honor of the long weekend & that I am thrilled to have family in town to share the extra day off with, and the fact that any post today would include a confession or two anyways, I figured I'd join in the linkup with Blonde Ambition and share my Friday Confessions this week.

I confess that . . .

. . . I spend way too much time looking up things for our new home. I'm not sure why picking out a living room light justifies 500 hours and searches in google to find the perfect one, when my stingy self will probably talk myself in to the most basic cost effective one anyways.

. . . I'm struggling to not want to have semi fancy/nicer than your standard flush mounted light in all of our rooms in our new home. While I know it's something that we can upgrade later, I just want the whole house to look so pretty when it's done! #perfectionistproblems

. . . I'm thrilled to have an extra day off this weekend and to get to spend it with my Aunt and Uncle from Chicago, especially since our plans already include wine tasting, a fire department tour, and a tour of our new home!

. . . I can't wait for fall! I seriously can't remember the last time I have been so ready for fall to be here. I am just so excited for boots, sweaters, scarves and everything pumpkin . . .oh and the fact that our house will be done in the fall, I'm pretty excited for that too!

. . . I'm not loving my current roommate situation but it is going better than I originally thought it would be. I have this problem of overanalyzing things to death and thinking of the worst possible outcome. I think this actually helps make transitions easier, because no one complains when things go better than planned do they? Yeah I'd be way more cranky if things were worse, so I think I'll keep overanalyzing.

. . . I've been thinking about attending my first blogging event hosted by Portland Blogger but I'm totally scared to attend my first one. It's like the first day of high school all over again.

. . . I've had some disappointment with my job lately and I think some retail therapy might help cheer me up a bit . . . or some wine. I'll try both! Anything that you've found works for you, send it my way!

. . . I can't wait for next Thursday and the awesome link up that Morgan and I are hosting . . . make sure to check out what I'm talking about HERE!

I hope everyone has an awesome 3 days weekend! I'm off to search for more embarrassing high school photos to include in my post next week and some more online shopping retail therapy to cheer me up! Have a fabulous weekend!

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In Honor of All You Students & Teachers, A Linkup Announcement

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm so excited to be partnering with one of my favorite ladies next week, so excited in fact that I want to tell you about it today so that you have a week to plan your post and join us! Next Thursday September 4th Morgan & I will be hosting a linkup titled If You Knew Me In High School. We figured, since it's that time of year when students and teachers are headed back to the classroom, we would take a trip down memory lane along with them. Many of us have been out of high school for a while (I'd rather not figure out how many years) and have changed quite a bit since graduation day, but if you had to look back, what were you like. I hope you'll share a bit more about yourself, and maybe even include an old picture or two ten! I know this new girl/band geek/homecoming queen/class couple winner would LOVE for you to join us!! And I am going to need the next week to sort through which embarrassing pictures and stories I am going to share with you all next week!

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions - House Update

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I would start this post off with an apology for my lack of post yesterday and the fact that a lot of my posts lately have been about our new home or some sort of home decor theme, but then I'd have to skip the post I am going to fill the rest of this white space with today and that's just not going to happen :) I'm excited to document the journey of building our new home and hopefully some of you enjoy the updates as well. In the last two weeks, it seems like it's all starting to become more real and we are definitely able to see our dreams come to life before our eyes. We've moved out of our old house, and can finally see some progress on our new one. I'm sure our soon-to-be new neighbors think there's someone stalking their street with the number of times we drive by during a week, but I just can't help myself. Plus I have to have something to show all of you right?!? Here's some images of how it's changed over the last few weeks

You may remember, a little over three weeks ago we drove by and found that they started on the foundation molds!
 The next week we not only saw all the foundation finished . . .
 But you could start to see the faming and subfloor go in!
 Last week it really started to take shape and the first floor was all framed in!

This is how it looked yesterday when we drove by. The whole house is framed and the tresses and outside are being finished! 

Its always fun to get photo updates from my mom when she's out for her run . . . 

Or from our future neighbors as they take pictures from their master bedroom! 

It was pretty amazing that the entire first and nearly most of the second floor were all framed in less than a weeks time. We are still waiting for the subfloor to be put in for the upstairs and for the stairs to get up there to be put in so that we can walk through the upstairs and really feel how big the second story will be. We've only walked through a similar house as the one we are building and have never seen the second story, so we are pretty excited about that! 

Meanwhile we are finding ourselves daily making decisions on decor or items for the house. Last week's lighting appointment didn't go really stellar so we have decided to purchase and pick out all our own lighting, which leads to spending hours in different light stores staring at hundreds of different chandeliers, vanity lights, and pendants. While it's definitely not the easiest route, I'm excited to be able to pick out exactly what I want. Here's a picture of the dining room light I picked out this weekend! 
What do you think? 

I'm sure we are in store for many more decisions light paint colors and overall design of all the rooms, but I am so excited to be making this house our home. My Aunt and Uncle are visiting this weekend from Chicago and I cannot wait to show them our new home . . . even if it's far from finished! Our builder told us he hopes to have the windows in this week and start the roof in the next few days. It's all happening so fast, and while I know the whole process will really start to slow down soon, I'm loving being able to see so much progress right now! 

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Avoiding the Awkwardness That Comes with Special Occasions - Avivia Dress

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I was one of the people who kept the teen magazine prom edition’s stock going each and every year. No matter how old I was or if I had any reason to need a fancy dress,  I always purchased the prom themed editions just so I could pick out my favorite dress and dream about how I would accessorize it, how I would wear my hair, who I would go with, and how the entire night would go. I guess it then comes as no surprise that I not only went to my junior and senior prom, but I went to prom as a Freshman, attended every homecoming dance during my four high school years, and as a senior was even crowned homecoming queen. And of course, you couldn’t be caught year after year in the same dress; so shopping for each occasion was a must. But there was always the fear that you would end up with the same dress as someone else at the dance. And one year, that fear became a reality.

I remember sitting in English class while one of my best friends at the time excitedly shared about her fun weekend and how she found her homecoming dress. The longer I listened, the more I was convinced that we had purchased the same exact dress. Not a similar cut and colors, but the EXACT SAME DRESS. Clearly in the real world, this is a minute and fairly unimportant issue (but I still share this same fear before every fire department banquet), but to us it was as if the world was ending. She begged me to take my dress back, saying that she saw it first so I should have to find a new one. But I didn’t really want a new dress. I was kind of okay with having the same one, or if it was that big of a deal, I thought she should have to be the one to go back out shopping for the perfect dress. In the end, neither of us gave in and we ended up at the same in the same dress (although we obviously barely talked or got close to each other all night because of it). If only it was easier to find that perfect dress when you need it.

Every special occasion obviously calls for a new special outfit. Whether it’s a wedding, prom, dance, banquet or other fancy function, I always look forward to finding a new dress. But each and every time, I worry that someone else will pick out the same thing as me. When your shopping options are limited to every other person’s options at the mall, that fear is completely justified. But when Aviva Dress contacted me about reviewing some of their dresses, I was so excited to look at all the awesome selections they have on their website (it was like looking through the prom magazines all over again!)

Here’s what I totally would have loved to wear back when I was daydreaming of going to prom:
Link  ::  Link ::  Link  ::  Link  ::  Link 

Here’s what I would love to wear to a fire department banquet or wedding:
Link  ::  Link  ::  Link  ::  Link  ::  Link

But don’t let just these options fool you, they have hundreds of dresses for any special occasion whether you’re looking for your wedding dress, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, special evening dresses, or just a fun dress to get dressed up in and dance around the house. All of their dresses are made with high quality and handcrafted details. And don’t worry about whether or not you can get it wherever you live, because they ship worldwide. Just for reading my blog, Aviva Dress is offering an additional 5% off any dress on their site by using the discount code AD50%OFFYou’ll never have to worry about ending up in the awkward embarrassing situation I ended up in with the same dress as your best friend (or even worse, your enemy) again! So check out their site and let me know what you’re favorites are! (and if any of the above dresses ended up in my closet, I totally wouldn't return them!) 
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This review and giveaway was made possible by Aviva Dress I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.

The Light of My Life/Kitchen

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Since you were all such a huge help and since it was so much fun hearing your thoughts and ideas on our kitchen cabinets, lets see what you think of the lighting ideas. Here's the kitchen cabinets that got the most votes (if you need some inspiration when picking lighting). 
This ended up being the inspiration we used when picking out the countertops, floors and backsplash this past weekend. But now it's time to pick out our lighting! 

I found these five examples from the Ferguson website. This is the company that we will be getting all of our lighting from so I thought this was the perfect place to grab ideas. They have hundreds of lights on their website and even more in their showroom, so here are just a few that caught my eye. Below are five pennants that I thought might look nice in the kitchen above the island. Our island will be 8 feet long and will have two penant lights that hang over it. Once we choose the pennant lights, then I will pick matching lights for over the dining room table. Which of these lights would you pick for your kitchen, or should we choose for ours? 

Making all of these appointments is so much fun, and each vendor we've met with has been so different. Every time we go meet with one of them, there are hundreds of options! We meet with Ferguson's later tonight so please share your pick for favorite kitchen lighting to help is make our decisions!
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Living Room Dance Parties & Reality Tv - #TotalSocial

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today I actually remembered to link up with some of my favorite ladies for Total Social. I always see the posts announcing link ups like this one and as quickly as it crosses my computer screen, I forget what the date and topic is supposed to be. But not today! Today you get the honor (if you keep reading) of hearing what my guilty pleasure is!

I’m a planner, and sometimes have a difficult time straying away from a set schedule. I’m the person who has a really difficult time accepting when the restaurant I’ve been craving all day is out of my favorite dish. Like it might take me days hours to settle on something different, and I probably won’t be very happy about. #honesty Every night around 6 o’clock I walk in the door from work, hang up my purse, wash out my shake cup from the morning and proceed to walk straight to my closet and change out of my work clothes and in to yoga pants and a t-shirt. I’m sure this thrills my husband, but 10 hours of dress clothes is about all this girl can handle. I love nights when Dan is home because it usually means eating a meal that isn’t heated using the microwave and lately has included a drive or walk by our new house to see what progress has been made, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also enjoy nights when he’s working.

From the time we started dating, the fire department sort of forced us to spend time separately. He works 24 hour shifts so he is gone days at a time. And while this has caused me to learn how to work and fix everything in our home since he is gone so much, I look forward to some of the nights alone. I’ve always had a tendency to over schedule myself and really have a hard time saying no, so my weeks fill up faster than I can even say “is it Friday yet”. This leads to a tired, somewhat grumpy Libby by Thursday evening. Luckily, I have built in nights alone (as long as I don’t over schedule myself on those evenings as well). Needless to say, my guilty pleasure is enjoying nights by myself, making junk food for dinner, catching up on my reality tv and having solo dance parties/concerts in my living room. 

My favorite evenings consist of coming home from work, changing in to sweats, making a box of swirl mac n cheese (cause those just taste better than the normal maccaroni!) and turning on my DVR to catch up on one of my reality shows such as Big Brother, Teen Mom, The Bachelor, Say Yes To The Dress or any other brainless television. I know it’s not the most exciting and definitely far from the most intelligent choice for my evening but every now and then I love to just relax and not do a thing (besides feeding and entertaining the pets browsing Pinterest). These nights could also include some dancing and singing at the top of my lungs to random 90’s pop songs and I wouldn’t be disappointed. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has solo concerts in their living room). Unfortunately, with our currently living situation, we are back to having a roommate so these dance parties and lounge nights on the couch are going to have to become a bit more discreet! But you can bet come November when we are in our brand spanking new house . . . I'll be back to my nightly Britney Spears & Nsycn concerts in the living room! (hello new neighbors!) 

What are your guilty pleasures? Please share so I don't feel totally and completely embarrassed by my honesty today! And don't forget to link up with us so we can find your post! 

Venus Trapped in Mars

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