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Avoiding the Awkwardness That Comes with Special Occasions - Avivia Dress

Thursday, August 21, 2014

I was one of the people who kept the teen magazine prom edition’s stock going each and every year. No matter how old I was or if I had any reason to need a fancy dress,  I always purchased the prom themed editions just so I could pick out my favorite dress and dream about how I would accessorize it, how I would wear my hair, who I would go with, and how the entire night would go. I guess it then comes as no surprise that I not only went to my junior and senior prom, but I went to prom as a Freshman, attended every homecoming dance during my four high school years, and as a senior was even crowned homecoming queen. And of course, you couldn’t be caught year after year in the same dress; so shopping for each occasion was a must. But there was always the fear that you would end up with the same dress as someone else at the dance. And one year, that fear became a reality.

I remember sitting in English class while one of my best friends at the time excitedly shared about her fun weekend and how she found her homecoming dress. The longer I listened, the more I was convinced that we had purchased the same exact dress. Not a similar cut and colors, but the EXACT SAME DRESS. Clearly in the real world, this is a minute and fairly unimportant issue (but I still share this same fear before every fire department banquet), but to us it was as if the world was ending. She begged me to take my dress back, saying that she saw it first so I should have to find a new one. But I didn’t really want a new dress. I was kind of okay with having the same one, or if it was that big of a deal, I thought she should have to be the one to go back out shopping for the perfect dress. In the end, neither of us gave in and we ended up at the same in the same dress (although we obviously barely talked or got close to each other all night because of it). If only it was easier to find that perfect dress when you need it.

Every special occasion obviously calls for a new special outfit. Whether it’s a wedding, prom, dance, banquet or other fancy function, I always look forward to finding a new dress. But each and every time, I worry that someone else will pick out the same thing as me. When your shopping options are limited to every other person’s options at the mall, that fear is completely justified. But when Aviva Dress contacted me about reviewing some of their dresses, I was so excited to look at all the awesome selections they have on their website www.avivadress.co.uk (it was like looking through the prom magazines all over again!)

Here’s what I totally would have loved to wear back when I was daydreaming of going to prom:
Link  ::  Link ::  Link  ::  Link  ::  Link 

Here’s what I would love to wear to a fire department banquet or wedding:
Link  ::  Link  ::  Link  ::  Link  ::  Link

But don’t let just these options fool you, they have hundreds of dresses for any special occasion whether you’re looking for your wedding dress, prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses, cocktail dresses, special evening dresses, or just a fun dress to get dressed up in and dance around the house. All of their dresses are made with high quality and handcrafted details. And don’t worry about whether or not you can get it wherever you live, because they ship worldwide. Just for reading my blog, Aviva Dress is offering an additional 5% off any dress on their site by using the discount code AD50%OFFYou’ll never have to worry about ending up in the awkward embarrassing situation I ended up in with the same dress as your best friend (or even worse, your enemy) again! So check out their site and let me know what you’re favorites are! (and if any of the above dresses ended up in my closet, I totally wouldn't return them!) 
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This review and giveaway was made possible by Aviva Dress I was compensated for my participation in this campaign, but all opinions are 100% mine.


  1. prom ones: LOVE THEM ALL. Take me back to HS now!!

    occasion ones, i love LOVE the royal blue ones. they are gorgeous.

  2. Aww I love the idea of prom dresses but never really needed to pick one out. I borrowed a dress for my sophomore prom when my boyfriend at the time convinced me to go. It was miserable, as I expected. And I never went to another dance, but still don't regret it.

    However I am all about great wedding attire. I really love their evening collection and will definitely save them for future use. Thanks for sharing!


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