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Breaking The Bad Luck Curse, Or Not

Thursday, August 7, 2014

They say all good things must come to and end and I'm experiencing that today now that I'm back to work after a 5 day weekend. Unfortunately, it was only half filled with relaxation time. Three of the days were filled with packing and moving stuff in to storage, getting way to much sun and ending up a bit sick and volunteering lots of time at the local relay for life event. Luckily those few days off also included some time with my hubby and parents and two baseball games.

After the busy weekend of moving stuff and relay we headed up to Seattle Tuesday morning to get there in time to check in to our hotel and grab some happy hour before our first baseball game that evening. We wandered around the ever famous Pikes Place Market and the Seattle waterfront since our hotel was just blocks from both. 

Making a trip to Pikes Place is always a must! 

After some sight seeing we headed to the stadium for the necessary viewing of batting practice and attempts to get signatures. Overall we had fun at the game even though we weren't able to pull out a win.

Wednesday morning we did a bit more sightseeing before our second game and heading home. Unfortunately the braves lost again (which adds up to 8 games I've taken dan to and 0 wins, so I'm contemplating whether or not he's back luck and if he'll be joining me for the next game. Maybe we just need to see the braves play at home to break the curse! I think that may be the solution! 

This picture is before and the second one is after a homeless man decided to join our photo by "pretending" to attack us with his spear! We quickly found a new place to explore after this :)

Gotta love a good photobomb 

Overall it was a fun few days away from work and the normal schedules. The next few weeks will be crazy with lots of house appointments, moving out of our current home and closing on our first house, plus all the normal everyday to do lists. I hope everyone else is having a good week! I think it may be time for a morning mimosa, just thinking about everything we have to do makes me want a drink! 


  1. Seeing the Braves play at home is definitely the solution! Come to Atlanta!! ;)
    It looks like you guys had still had a blast, minus the whole not winning thing.
    Also, I love the new design!

  2. I have always wanted to go to Seattle!!! It is at the top of my bucket list!

  3. Seattle looks so amazing! I love the picture of you two at the game, so cute :)

  4. Looks like so much fun! I have ALWAYS wanted to go!
    Plus seeing the braves would be a win win in my husbands mind!

    Showered With Design

  5. Love baseball and would love to get to Seattle! Thanks for sharing your trip. Looks fun!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle