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Confessions Friday

Friday, August 29, 2014

In honor of the long weekend & that I am thrilled to have family in town to share the extra day off with, and the fact that any post today would include a confession or two anyways, I figured I'd join in the linkup with Blonde Ambition and share my Friday Confessions this week.

I confess that . . .

. . . I spend way too much time looking up things for our new home. I'm not sure why picking out a living room light justifies 500 hours and searches in google to find the perfect one, when my stingy self will probably talk myself in to the most basic cost effective one anyways.

. . . I'm struggling to not want to have semi fancy/nicer than your standard flush mounted light in all of our rooms in our new home. While I know it's something that we can upgrade later, I just want the whole house to look so pretty when it's done! #perfectionistproblems

. . . I'm thrilled to have an extra day off this weekend and to get to spend it with my Aunt and Uncle from Chicago, especially since our plans already include wine tasting, a fire department tour, and a tour of our new home!

. . . I can't wait for fall! I seriously can't remember the last time I have been so ready for fall to be here. I am just so excited for boots, sweaters, scarves and everything pumpkin . . .oh and the fact that our house will be done in the fall, I'm pretty excited for that too!

. . . I'm not loving my current roommate situation but it is going better than I originally thought it would be. I have this problem of overanalyzing things to death and thinking of the worst possible outcome. I think this actually helps make transitions easier, because no one complains when things go better than planned do they? Yeah I'd be way more cranky if things were worse, so I think I'll keep overanalyzing.

. . . I've been thinking about attending my first blogging event hosted by Portland Blogger but I'm totally scared to attend my first one. It's like the first day of high school all over again.

. . . I've had some disappointment with my job lately and I think some retail therapy might help cheer me up a bit . . . or some wine. I'll try both! Anything that you've found works for you, send it my way!

. . . I can't wait for next Thursday and the awesome link up that Morgan and I are hosting . . . make sure to check out what I'm talking about HERE!

I hope everyone has an awesome 3 days weekend! I'm off to search for more embarrassing high school photos to include in my post next week and some more online shopping retail therapy to cheer me up! Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I've always been nervous about blogging conferences as well... but I bet you wouldn't regret going.

  2. Wine and retail therapy fix all! I wish we had more blogger events around here, I'd definitely join you if I was there :)

  3. I just attended my first blogging conference, Declare, in Dallas 3 weeks ago and it was fabulous! So, so much fun to meet other bloggers. Go for it, you'll have a great time I bet.

    We're making one decision after the other regarding our house and it can be scary. :o)) We're finalyzing our windows right now.

    Enjoy your long weekend!