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Living Room Dance Parties & Reality Tv - #TotalSocial

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Today I actually remembered to link up with some of my favorite ladies for Total Social. I always see the posts announcing link ups like this one and as quickly as it crosses my computer screen, I forget what the date and topic is supposed to be. But not today! Today you get the honor (if you keep reading) of hearing what my guilty pleasure is!

I’m a planner, and sometimes have a difficult time straying away from a set schedule. I’m the person who has a really difficult time accepting when the restaurant I’ve been craving all day is out of my favorite dish. Like it might take me days hours to settle on something different, and I probably won’t be very happy about. #honesty Every night around 6 o’clock I walk in the door from work, hang up my purse, wash out my shake cup from the morning and proceed to walk straight to my closet and change out of my work clothes and in to yoga pants and a t-shirt. I’m sure this thrills my husband, but 10 hours of dress clothes is about all this girl can handle. I love nights when Dan is home because it usually means eating a meal that isn’t heated using the microwave and lately has included a drive or walk by our new house to see what progress has been made, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t also enjoy nights when he’s working.

From the time we started dating, the fire department sort of forced us to spend time separately. He works 24 hour shifts so he is gone days at a time. And while this has caused me to learn how to work and fix everything in our home since he is gone so much, I look forward to some of the nights alone. I’ve always had a tendency to over schedule myself and really have a hard time saying no, so my weeks fill up faster than I can even say “is it Friday yet”. This leads to a tired, somewhat grumpy Libby by Thursday evening. Luckily, I have built in nights alone (as long as I don’t over schedule myself on those evenings as well). Needless to say, my guilty pleasure is enjoying nights by myself, making junk food for dinner, catching up on my reality tv and having solo dance parties/concerts in my living room. 

My favorite evenings consist of coming home from work, changing in to sweats, making a box of swirl mac n cheese (cause those just taste better than the normal maccaroni!) and turning on my DVR to catch up on one of my reality shows such as Big Brother, Teen Mom, The Bachelor, Say Yes To The Dress or any other brainless television. I know it’s not the most exciting and definitely far from the most intelligent choice for my evening but every now and then I love to just relax and not do a thing (besides feeding and entertaining the pets browsing Pinterest). These nights could also include some dancing and singing at the top of my lungs to random 90’s pop songs and I wouldn’t be disappointed. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who has solo concerts in their living room). Unfortunately, with our currently living situation, we are back to having a roommate so these dance parties and lounge nights on the couch are going to have to become a bit more discreet! But you can bet come November when we are in our brand spanking new house . . . I'll be back to my nightly Britney Spears & Nsycn concerts in the living room! (hello new neighbors!) 

What are your guilty pleasures? Please share so I don't feel totally and completely embarrassed by my honesty today! And don't forget to link up with us so we can find your post! 

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  1. I do some singing when I'm home alone but it usually involves belting out the lines to something from Les Miserables and pretending that I'm beautifully tragic, like Eponine or Fantine. Pop songs are fun, too, but that's my car music, so I can have a pick-me-up on the way to or from work.

  2. um are we separated at birth? swirl mac and cheese, reality tv and some dancing?! HECK YES!

  3. Let's talk about say yes to the dress. That dang show... I'll usually flip to it randomly on a Saturday morning... then i'm practically paralyzed to the couch... the way the time the commercials on that show, it sucks me in... it starts a new episode IMMEDIATELY after the last one ends... totally hooks me in making me unable to get up all day long!! (also, they never choose the dress I want for them!) <-- ok end rant. Who knew I was so passionate about say yes to the dress?

    Also--- love your pin it button! :)

  4. oh gosh i think i have seen every say yes to the dress episode. love, love love. that and house hunters.

  5. YES to 90's music dance parties, reality tv and shapes mac n cheese for me :)

  6. Dance parties are definitely a thing for me!!!

  7. The swirl Mac n Cheese DEFINITELY tastes better than regular!