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Oh Hey, My Exciting Week!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Yay it's Friday . . . well actually it's Thursday when I'm writing this but I won't have time on Friday to post so I figured better to do it early than not at all. So Yay it's Friday-Eve, or Friday for all of you now reading this! I'm linking up with two of my favorite ladies again today for Oh Hey Friday. Here's a bit of an update on the exciting things happening right now.

One: Our best friends had their twins last Thursday early in the morning and they finally got to bring them home yesterday! I've visited them twice, but cannot wait for my honorary auntie time in the coming weeks! Miss Charlotte and Mr Joel are going to be incredibly spoiled with all the friends and family who already love them so much! These new little loves in my life are definitely not giving me more baby fever! But for now I'll take all the snuggle time I can get!

Two: They moved in all the equipment to start our new home this week and hopefully will be starting the foundation next week! It's been three months since we signed all the papers for our home, so we are thrilled to finally be in a stage of the process where we can see things getting done! This also means that you all will get to see more house decisions and progress pictures! (yay you)

Three: This weekend Dan and I are participating in the Relay For Life event we've been volunteering with for the past year. Countless hours and definitely some sweat and tears have been poured in to making this even successful (and pretty), so I'm excited it's finally over here. I'll share some campsite and event pictures next week. Just wait till you see my 5 foot candles and my 6 foot inflatable birthday cake for our campsite decorations. To say I'm excited about them would be a huge understatement!
Here I am with three of my favorite relay ladies who I'll spend this weekend with at the event! 

Four: Next week I get three vacation days . . . one will be filled with packing and moving stuff out of our current house (and hopefully some baby time), but the other two will include a trip to seattle with my parents and two Braves games! I've been planning out my packing list and looking up new braves gear for the last week! I cannot wait to see my team in person again, and I'm looking forward to taking my parents to a game. It's been over 10 years since they've been to a game and I think they are going to love it! Plus, who doesn't love a trip to Seattle?!?

Five: My new layout! This should have probably been exciting thing number one, but either way, I hope you love the new look as much as I do! Ashley has been phenomenal to work with! Even through my indecisiveness, crazy schedule, and specific vision, she brought to life everything I had hoped for and more! If you're looking for a new blog design or layout, she's your girl!

What are your plans for the weekend? Anything fun and exciting going on in your life?


  1. Love the new look! Great updates. Congratulations to your friends and have a great time in Seattle!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Love the new look, can't wait to see update of the house building process, and also, the weather here in Seattle has been super awesome so you're in for a real treat!

  3. LOVE your new layout, it looks so good :) Woo hoo for vacation days and Braves games! That picture of you and that sweet baby, precious. Congrats to your friends!

  4. Loving the new blog look! Ash sent me a preview of it since we're working together next for my blog facelift! :) Turned out great!

  5. I noticed the new look right away and I LOVE it! Enjoy your time in Seattle, I've always wanted to go!

  6. Great looking layout! And, yes, what's not to love about Seattle. Hubby's sister lives there and we went for a week last summer and has so, so much fun. And, good for you, participating in Relay for Life. Happy weekend!

  7. LOVE the new blog design!! Super cute! And yay for spending time with adorable babies :)

  8. Eeeekkk!!! I love your new layout! It's adorable! :-)

  9. I have baby fever badly. It gets even worse with all these family blogs about their new bundles of joy! Lol, I love participating in Relay. The events and campsites are so fun. Go Braves! I'm originally from GA now living in KS. Love meeting GA bloggers.