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Things That Make Me Happy

Thursday, August 14, 2014

While I'm in the midst of all this house planning madness and moving and packing I thought it was time for a post that makes me happy. I'm all about the little things in life, and have even been known to buy something for no other reason than the fact that it makes me smile. And what better way to make me happy than to include pretty jewelry and a giveaway for all of you! So while I'm over here trying to make all these home decisions and trying not to cry my way through packing up our house I'll share with you this awesome giveaway I've teamed up with some fabulous bloggers to offer you! 

I love Kendra Scott! & this month, I have teamed up with 13 other bloggers to bring you a $150 Kendra Scott Giveaway. I seriously can't get enough of the fun colors and designs. I am currently really wanting the sparkly studs above and the gold/silver statement earrings. What do you love the most? 

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