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Being A Nosey Blogger

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Each morning as I open my computer and scroll through my feed deciding which blog I'm going to open and read first, I love when a post catches my eye that gives me a glimpse in to the writers life. I figure I can't me the only nosey blog reader (and if I am, just let me think that I'm not alone). So when I saw this post floating around several of my favorites lately, I just had to jump on in and join them.

Name: Libby, but I'll answer to Libs, Lib, Lobster, or Dolly (if you're my dad)

Age: 26. . . will be 27 in December (I give you permission to start your shopping now)

Location: Oregon Wine Country, just south of Portland
Other Half: My sweet husband Dan. Also known as Fireman Dan :) We've been together nearly 8 years and married for a little over 4. He's truly my best friend. Here's a little throwback from that special day.

Working It: This office below is where you can most often find me. I work at a University doing health and student related jobs for one of the colleges.
Secret - I took out the part about my favorite food, cause I couldn't decide! 

Standard Bar Order: I'm usually not too fancy and order either a beer or glass of wine. It's hard to not drink wine when my husband's part time job is at a winery and we even make some of our own, so someone's got to drink it! I'll take one for the team!

Places I Shop: I'm a bargain hunter and hate to buy anything full-priced. Lately I'm trying to hold off from buying any new clothes and put all my shopping money towards our new home.

Beauty Products I Can't Live Without: Again, this answer is currently altered due to the current living conditions I have. When you have to take a shower caddy and your outfit for the day to the bathroom with you so you don't embarrass yourself with your roommate it limits the items you consider hauling with you. But let's be honest, I'm not very good about a beauty regiment anyways, so you can usually find me with a mismatched assortment of moisturizers, foundations, and all the other face essentials needed to make this girl presentable. I promise I'll work on it when my bathroom consists of more than a three drawer rubbermaid container. #bloggerfail

Bedtime & Wakeup: I LOVE sleep! Always have! And will probably seriously struggle once we have kids and the amount of time I get to spend doing my favorite activity diminishes. But until that time, I will take as much as I can get. Most days I am up no later than 6:30, and in bed no later than 10. What can I say, I'm old!

What I Blog About: Anything and everything, like canning recipes, birthday parties, wine making, more parties, our pets, building our house, travel adventures, and everything in between.

Why I Blog: I blog because I love that it's a place where I can share me and make new friends. It's my space and I love that I can fill it with anything I want. I've loved getting to know so many awesome people through this little space, and I hope to continue to do that. Please if you're new around here, say hello!
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  1. we sure sound alike about the make up products!! i have S O many different face moisturizers and different foundations and all that crap. i think it's because i haven't found my "holy grail" (blogger word) or products that i can't live without!

  2. Well you know I'm a fan of these posts, and YOU :) Don't worry, you're not the only old one that adores sleep haha. I'm going to continue taking full advantage of this before kids too girl!

  3. I'm not new around here, but I've been away for a while :) I love these 'get to know you posts' too! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love posts like these! I love reading and learning about my blogger friends and now I am going to construct one, Thanks! Showered With Design

  5. I didn't realize you fireman husband worked at a winery as well.. I just thought you all liked to visit winery's a lot & drink some good juice :)

  6. Loved getting to know more about you and your husband!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  7. Cute blog! I follow you on BlogLovin' (addicting!) and honestly it was your photo of your hubby and you in the vineyard that made me instantly open your post. :) Which leads me to say don't ever stop making wine! That's how my husband and I started and now we own a small winery in Idaho...who'dda thought? ;) We love Oregon wine and have many winemakers here in Idaho who get their grapes from there. I VERY newly started blogging as well, looking forward to reading more about your adventures and maybe learning a few blogging tricks from watching you. Keep it up!

  8. You are definitely not the only one!! Haha I do that all the time and feel so nosey but hey we should all be blogging friends keeping up with each other's lives so oh well! :) Followed you on GFC and blog lovin' so I could keep up with more of your posts! Love this blog girl! You should stop by and follow along as well if you would like :)

  9. I'm gonna have to come get a sample of some of your homemade wine soon ;)

  10. I love learning things about other people you probably wouldn't unless they told you, so you're not the only nosy blog reader, for sure!