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Currently I'm. . . .

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Reading: My daily favorite blogs, plus the book I’m currently reading is My Reality by Melissa Rycroft. What can I say, I love a good gossip and biography . . . and a bonus that it’s about her experience on The Bachelor. I decided to read that after reading Courtney Robertson’s book I Didn’t Come Here To Make Friends, which I loved.

Writing: This post . . . duhh

Listening: To the Keith Urban Pandora station to get ready for his concert this weekend! I bought my parents tickets to Keith Urban for Valentines day because my mom is a huge Keith fan and I’m the only one who has seen him in concert. I was able to purchase VIP seats, and of course if I was buying them tickets, I obviously bought some for Dan and me to join them as well!

Thinking: About moving in to our house in just a month and a half! I cannot wait!

Wishing: That the weather would cool down so I could wear all those fall clothes, drink hot drinks, and enjoy all things apple and pumpkin! 

Hoping: That our house gets done on time. Our current projected close date is November 1 and I truly hope that’s when we get to close and move in. I really want to be in our new home for the holidays and I want to have time to get it somewhat organized and put together before Thanksgiving because we normally host our families that day. Maybe it will end up being a eat dinner and help unpack day…they can work off their dinner right?!?

Wearing: Marissa Ankle slacks from The Loft, an airy navy blouse from Nordstrom Rack, Black flats from target and a mint and gold statement necklace from Francesca’s. Can you tell I’m in my work attire?

Loving: This cooler weather. Our current living situation has zero air conditioning and holds heat in like a fleece blanket, so being able to have the windows open and let the nice cool air circulate is amazing. Plus I’m totally ready for boots, jeans, scarves and sweaters!

Wanting: Some new fall clothes! Here’s a few things I’ve been eyeing lately!

Sweatshirt: link
Pants: link
Jeans: link
Vest: link 
Tee: link 

Needing: To make some final decisions on paint colors and lighting for our new house!

With life so crazy and so many decisions needing to be made, hopefully this helped you learn more about what I'm up to currently, what's on my mind, and what's keeping me from posting here daily :) 

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  1. I'm wanting cooler weather to get here too!! I can't wait for all things fall!

  2. Your outfit you are wearing has something from all of my favorite stores! Love it! Also, I love all your picks for cooler weather. It is like 95 here today...ughhhh! Come on fall!

  3. Oohh yay, Nov 1! Ok, I love Melissa Rycroft, how did I not know she had a book??

  4. I'm kinda in love with the jacket the girl is wearing with the jeans! its so hip!

    tattered to taylored