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If You Knew Me In High School

Thursday, September 4, 2014

I'm so excited to be Co-Hosting this one day linkup today with Morgan! We would love to have you join us, so please make sure you follow both hosts and include the button in your post and linkup with us sometime throughout the next few days. The link up will be live for the next week so you have a few days to get your post together. I can't wait to read everyone else's posts and see what the rest of you were like in high school! So without further ado, bring on the embarrassing photos!

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I remember my first day of high school like it was yesterday, even though it's been almost exactly 8 years. I was sure that my world was ending that day as I sobbed my way through Freshman orientation. I knew no one, all of my friends were nearly 3000 miles away. About three months earlier my family had packed up the only house I'd ever known, said goodbye to every friend and family member I had and taken the leap of faith that brought us from upstate New York to Oregon. It was the most overwhelming and the best thing I've ever been through.

For me, high school was a new start and a clean slate. It allowed me to sort of start over and get to be whoever I wanted. I didn't feel like I was boxed in to any one thing in particular and I could be involved in whatever I wanted. So instead of falling in to one category, I decided to dabble in a little bit of everything . . . so here's what you could call me if you knew me in high school.

The New Girl:
For my entire freshman year, I was the new girl. It was sort of my thing for the first few months. You had the jocks, you had the popular kids, and I was known as the new girl from New York. It was cool that so many people were interested in getting to know me, but a little overwhelming at the same time. When everyone wants to talk to you, how do you pick specific friends to spend your time with. They would be interested in school and talk to me in class, but I'd find myself with no one to sit and eat lunch with each day. All that crying and time worrying about the move and starting at a new school was yesterdays news by the end of my Freshman year and I had quickly made a great group of friends.

Best Attendance:
Okay so I definitely wasn't winning any awards for my attendance in school, although I'm not sure if I was ever brave enough to skip class, but if there was a sporting event or school dance I was almost always there. Even now, I'm never one to turn down a reason to dress up and have a good time, and I definitely wasn't back then either. One of my favorite things about my senior year was the fact that my friends and I decided to attend everything we could to take it all in because we knew in a matter of months we wouldn't all be together and everything would change. Giving up the worry and stress about whether it was cool to attend something or not definitely allowed us to have a lot more fun! 
Here are some of my high school dance photos throughout the years 

Band Geek:
3 terms a year, all 4 years of high school I played my clarinet religiously only in class. From solos to state band competitions, I enjoyed having music a part of my high school career. While I definitely wasn't one of those people who'd practice at home or major in it later in life, it was a good resume booster and a great place to hang out with most of my friends.

I've always felt strongly about helping others and giving back. Throughout my four years of high school I volunteered over 500 hours to a local organization that helped educate youth on different health topics. Not only did this experience direct me in my future career, but I got to experience a lot of really valuable events, meet some great friends, and win a few awards and scholarships because of it. Oh and it was also a lot of fun!
Clearly my love for tutus started a while ago! 

Homecoming Queen:
By senior year I had gotten way passed the New Girl title and had lots of friends in many different groups. I think that's really what happened, because I wasn't friends with just one group of people, so while the other two popular girls had their friends' votes spilt between the two, I got all the rest of them. Being crowned Homecoming Queen was one of the coolest experiences of my life. After all the stress and emotions that come with leaving everything you know and moving across the country, that night I finally felt like I fit in and I was where I was supposed to be. To top it all off, the three senior girls were flown into the football game at half time by a helicopter that landed on the 50 yard line right before the king and queen were announced. Just being a part of the court was an honor in itself, I literally couldn't believe it when they called my name. (Thanks to my parents who forgot the camera that night. . . I have a few from one of the other court members)

Class Couple:
Yes I was THAT girl. The one everyone thought would stay with her boyfriend forever and end up getting married and attend reunions together. I was also the one who's parents took her boyfriend in and helped him get through high school, had her senior photos taken with him (and yes they look like engagement pictures), and was the girl who didn't realized she was getting used the whole time. Too bad that nearly 3 year relationship couldn't stand 3 days at college before that all crumbled to the ground. It's truly for the best. . . #thegrassisalwaysgreener.

I really enjoyed high school once I got passed the new girl crying in a corner with no friends thing. Truly you don't want to see pictures of that. And while I've grown apart from many people I hung out with those four years, I have some awesome memories and pictures that I'll always love!
So to any new kid or person who feels like they don't fit in, you never know what four years and a little involvement can change. Maybe you're not in high school anymore so being homecoming queen or class vice president is out of the realm of possibility, but you never know what might happen!

What were you like in high school? 

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  1. I was the new girl in high school too! I had to start a new school my freshman year and then again the middle of my sophomore year. Annnnd I was a band nerd as well. How awesome that you went from new girl to home coming queen. The high school I landed in my sophomore year hated new people because there was a new person like at least once a week. We were old news haha!

  2. Look at you Ms. Homecoming Queen! I love it!
    Did you have as much fun as I did looking through old pictures?! I spent WAY longer digging up old pictures to post than I did actually writing about high school.

  3. I think it was mandatory that all girls that were in high school circa Charlie's Angels time had to take the Charlie's Angels pic! I know I have some like that somewhere!

  4. I was never the new girl in school, but I always befriended the new kids - that's how I met my now fiance :) Loved finding your blog through this link up!

  5. wow this is so fun! i love looking back at high school pics. they are so funny sometimes. you were prom queen! how awesome :)

  6. I love all of the throw back photos!

  7. I love looking back at old high school photos! Fun times!!

  8. This is great! I need to jump on this bandwagon and share a post! Love these!
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  9. So awesome that you were homecoming queen! I'm glad you were able to quickly make friends at your new school. I went to the same school my entire life, so I can't even imagine what it would have been like to move so far away and have to try to make all new friends.

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