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Things I'm Learning From Living With A Roommate

Friday, September 5, 2014

Thanks to everyone who linked up yesterday, I had so much fun reading all your posts and I am looking forward to reading the few I haven't gotten to yet today!

To say our currently living situation has taken some time to get used to would be a complete understatement. Going from living in our own 1300 square foot house, to living in a 10x10 room and sharing a 900 square foot house with another person, his girlfriend half of the time, and two cats and two dogs has been a bit insane. For someone like myself who likes things organized and clean, living in a bachelor pad again makes me want to scream a little bit. It wasn't until we moved in and spent a few days there that I really started to realize all the things I had forgotten about having a roommate. . . . especially one that's a boy. So here are a few things I have been freaking out over learning about having a roommate.

- You can't walk around without a bra on . . . .or at least you have to be more careful about the clothes you choose not to wear a bra under. Sweatshirt=yes, tank top =no. This definitely causes a struggle when I need to get up in the night to relieve my tiny bladder and have to walk to the other side of the house passed my roommates open bedroom door. No bueno!

- Singing in the shower . . . it depends on how drunk gutsy I am that day, but most of the time I like to keep my embarrassment level as low as possible! My shower concerts will just have to wait for a few more weeks.

- Leaving a load of laundry in the dryer and forgetting about it . . . I'm not to the point, nor do I feel like I'll ever be to the point where I feel very comfortable with the idea that he is seeing, much less touching my underwear. This means I'm a slave to that dryer bell unfortunately.

- Walking around naked or in a towel - I thought I was passed the days where I had to take my shower caddy and all my clothes for the day to the bathroom with me to shower and get ready, but apparently we're back to that! College dorm, I've missed you, NOT!

- Cleaning up after people other than my husband - If you got it dirty, you should clean it up. While I know it's an inconvenience to have extra people living with you (although we are paying a large portion of your rent) I still think that calls for cleaning up after yourself and chipping in a bit when it comes to household duties. You're welcome for taking out the trash the last two weeks, cleaning up after your dog that pooped in the living room and mowing your lawn.

- You have a bedroom, use it - Yes I realize I came home earlier than I was supposed to because my meeting got over early, but I would rather not walk in on you and your girlfriend making out on the couch when you have a perfectly good bed in your room that has a door you can close. Thanks!

I really shouldn't complain that much because this living situation is definitely helping us save money and allowing us to not be homeless for the next two months, but I'm just in a complaining mood today. (sorry) Maybe I should have titled this post Friday Complaints, or Libby's Bitchfest....either way, sorry for being a downer today! I'm looking forward to some time off this weekend and a few drinks. Our house is slowly but surely coming along, and I can only imagine how much more excited I will be to be in our own place again when that time comes!

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  1. this post made me laugh a little :) crossing my fingers that this season flys by quickly :)

  2. ugh oh man, this so reminds me of my life in an apt during college. i feel your pain~ i can't believe you cleaned up their dog poop AND mowed the lawn!!!! do they just ignore everything?? you'll be out soon enough. just keep telling yourself that!

  3. This definitely takes me back to the 'old days'! While there are days I miss living with my pals, it's also nice to have your own space. And 900 square feet? Bless your heart!

  4. I absolutely feel your pain girl. My fiance and I had to move back in with my parents for a couple of months until we can get into our house... It's been trying. LOL! Have a good weekend!

  5. Oh goodness! You poor thing! Hope the next couple of months fly by for you!

  6. Oh gosh haha! I feel for you... I bet you will have a major celebration when you move in to your place!

  7. There are definitely advantages...and disadvantages....of having a roommate! I feel for ya!

  8. haha! I mean, surely it's not funny to you but it was pretty entertaining to read! It would be so hard to have roommates now that I'm used to having my own space - you kinda don't think about the random, daily thinks you do until there are other people around! ;)

  9. I live with just my mom and we work completely opposite schedules so we're usually home alone and do all the alone things a single person does. Then when my brother comes home to visit its like a totally different lifestyle and I hate it. I understand completely. Living with other people that are not my mom or boyfriend is always a struggle for me

  10. Uh, roommates. :( Hang in there.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle