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Friday, October 10, 2014

This week has been a bit crazy with lots of house stuff on my brain and we are in the middle of also helping my Mother In-Law move as well, so needless to say, my brain has been elsewhere. But I have been keeping up with all of my favorite blogs. One of those favorite blogs happens to be A Worker At Home, and I am really excited to introduce her a bit better to you today (in case you don't already know her). So I would like to introduce you all to Katie. 
I know that I love to visit your blog and see what you're up to, but share with my readers what they expect when they visit? Trust me, I'm sure you'll come to love her as much as I have! 
I try to be as authentic as possible. I’ve tried blogging challenges only to realize that answering prompts means that I’m not writing organically. So when you visit my blog you’ll find a whole lot of random. Posts about my family, thoughts about military life, tips and tricks I’ve learned as a mom, and thoughts about living a healthy life. I want my blog to be an extension of my real life—not something that takes me away from reality, so I definitely take breaks when I need to.

So aside from blogging, what are some of your favorite hobbies? 

I love being at the gym. It’s my one hour of the day to myself. It’s my time to think and relax and work hard and release all those amazing feel-good endorphins. Besides working out, I love being outside with my husband and kids  (hiking, fishing, going to the beach, etc.), blogging, baking, and hosting dinner parties for friends!

You talked about baking and hosting dinner parties (where's my invite?), and you're burning off all those calories in the gym, so what's your all-time favorite food? 

Give me all the carbs. I’m talking bread, pasta, muffins. YUM.

You are my kind of girl . . . I will take any carb any day! 

I don't know about you, but I love hearing about trips that people go on and getting ideas for future places to explore. What's the best vacation you've ever taken? 
We went to Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) and stayed at an all inclusive adults only resort on a private beach. It was INCREDIBLE. We talk about that trip all the time and it was over 2 years ago!

I absolutely LOVE Cabo San Lucas and have been lucky enough to visit there twice .  . . . . and I would go back again! Maybe we need to plan a blate there :) 

What's your favorite quote? 
I have a few but these from Jim Elliot are always on my mind:
“Let not our longing slay the appetite of our living"
“Wherever you are, be all there!”

Don't you just love her?!? I hope you will stop by and visit her blog and get to know her even better! You can do so by visiting any one of your favorite social media platforms: 

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And because I am loving having sponsors and getting to know some fellow bloggers better through sponsorship, both Katie and I are offering a 30% sponsorship discount for the next week using the code ATHOME for my blog and THEBIGMOVE for Katie's! I hope you'll go visit Katie and get to know her even better! 

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