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Firefighter Takeover!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Lately I've been thinking more about how I can change up this blog and add some different topics and ideas to keep you all entertained. And since I've been lacking ideas lately, I thought it might be fun to invite my Firefighter here once a month to talk about whatever's on his mind. His favorite number is 5, so I figured trying to schedule his post for around the 5th would be fun. But, since the 5th fell on a Sunday, and this girl never posts on sundays (read: too lazy) I figured trying to get it up sometime close to the 5th would have to do. So without further ado, here's a little more about my Firefighter to get us started  . . . 

How did you and Libby meet?We met a while back now! It started with an old roommate of mine. There were three of us living in the same house, and Libby was hanging out with him. He had started liking one of her friends. So, my roommate asked if I wanted to go to a football game one night in our town so that he wouldn't be alone. I said sure, and I ended up standing next to Libby and talking with her the entire game. I did not really think too much of it at the time. Next time we hung out was going to a haunted house. This time my roommate was getting to spend time with Libby's friend. He asked again if i wanted to go and Libby would be there. The haunted house was pretty scary, and next thing i know, I have Libby holding on to my arm for dear life while we both were screaming our way through the house. From that point forward we just started talking more and more. 

What's your favorite memories together? 
I would have to say all of our travels that we have done together. We have some crazy stories when we travel together. Seems that with our luck, something is bound to go wrong. I love just traveling the world with Libby. I think we need to go more places though!! But, not really sure and traveling costs a lot. We are for sure hot weather people though. But also like to sight see and be adventurous! I am pretty sure we are always at peace at a beach!

What made you decide to be a firefighter?
I believe I have wanted to be a firefighter ever since I was little. I had two things i wanted to do when I ended high school. One was to become a chef and work at a real fancy restaurant. Well lets just says that Olive Garden killed that dream. It was very high stress working in the kitchen. I mean you got waitresses yelling to hurry up and then the expediter yelling at you to get orders out faster. I just have to says that two arms can only do so many things in kitchen at once. (Respect to people that are great chefs) Second career path was to be a firefighter. I have  been around the fire station since I was a little kid. My dad was a volunteer firefighter and I always looked up to them. Then again they get to drive the big RED FIRE TRUCK!! Well I get to now!! So, I started as a volunteer firefighter in my local town right our of high school in 2002. Me and a friend joined at the same time together. Then I went on to get EMT training. In the northwest you really have to be a Paramedic to get a job in the fire service. This is due to the fact that you have better odds at a fire job being a Paramedic. So I went on my way to become one. I think I took the extended program though! I had Libby there to help me through it. I have been in this career for a while but it is still scary going on emergent calls. 

Is firefighting your dream job? If you could do anything, what would it be?
I am not sure if it is my dream job now. I really wish I would have gotten into brewing and wine making more when I was younger. I feel like lately these are my dream jobs. You could ask Libby and she would say that it is all I talk about. I just love how it brings people together and is good to see an end product. It is also so intriguing that you can take a simple grape and turn it into something incredible. But, I think when you really like something as a hobby you might not like it as much once you start doing it as a real job. At least some parts you won't like. So, I think I will stick to wine making as a hobby and help out at a winery I like a ton! Then when I retire maybe I will work in a tasting room somewhere. 

If you could have your own blog, what would you name it? What would it be about?
This is a very hard question to answer. You really have to think about what you want to name something. I think my blog would be a foody blog, with reviews on places and also on wine and beer. There is a ton of different things out there to write about. I have gotten a little of the blog lingo down from Libby but definitely still learning.  I would write what to pair with wine and good beer and wines to buy. I would also share new places here is Portland that people should visit. I think the name of the blog might be called " The Old Cast Barrel", but I don't really know!!

Be on the lookout next month on the 5th for Dan's next takeover. In the meantime, do you like posts where both of us share or you learn more about the guy behind the blog? Or do you have any other questions or topics for Dan to share next time?
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  1. I love how you met! So precious! These types of posts are so fun to read to hear from the boys in our lives :)

  2. I love this!! I wish Chris would do it - but alas, he won't!! I love Dan's story on how he became a firefighter!!

  3. LOVE it Libby, I will be looking forward to it each month :) Love the story of how you all met. Dan, sounds like you need to start a foodie blog!

  4. This is so cute! I don't think I could ever get my hubby to answer any questions - not seriously anyway - for a blog post. And if he ever makes some wine and needs a taste tester, I'm free!