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Getting Vegucated!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A few months ago on a rainy Sunday afternoon, Dan and I decided just to take a break from packing and snuggle up on the couch with some Netflix for the afternoon. We scrolled through the Netflix feed in search of what to watch when I decided to look through the documentaries (since I know those are Dan's favorites and I was in a "being a nice wife" type of mood). I found one that looked interesting and decided to press play, even though Dan told me not to. The movie was called Vegucated, I read the description and pressed play. It was then that I found myself glued to the tv for the next hour and a half, immersed in the thought of cutting meat out of my diet.

So now, nearly three months later I haven't had any meat since that July afternoon. While, I think not eating red meat and meat in general will be beneficial to my overall health and especially the blood pressure issues I've had in the past, the movie really pulled on my heart strings more than anything else. The film discussed the way animals are raised in slaughter houses and how they are killed and processed to be mass produced for the general population to purchase and eat. Seeing the way the animals were treated and how the entire process works just made me sick to my stomach. I vividly remember going to a turkey farm right before thanksgiving with my mom to pick up our freshly slaughtered turkey. It was from then forward that I could never think of thanksgiving the same.

So after watching this movie, I had a hard time thinking about food in the same way that I did before. It wasn't that I was concerned so much about my health from eating meat (while my blood pressure and weight issues have been a concern for a while), but I was just sad thinking about the horrible processes that animals go through to become our food. I won't get in to all the gory details, but I literally found myself upset and sad at the end of the film, so much so that I was determined to not contribute to that. I decided that I would only eat fish and other forms of protein, but no beef, pork or chicken. I could have gone all out and gone completely vegan but most of our eggs come from a family friend who raises chickens in a humane way and we don't consume many other dairy products.

But while this is a decision that I have made for me, I definitely don't impose these same eating habits on others around me. Dan still eats meat, usually when I'm not around (and sometimes when I am) and that's okay. I honestly already feel so much better and just lighter. I haven't noticed a huge weight change because of my diet changes, but definitely overall feel less heavy and have more energy (most of the time). Our meals lately contain tofu, shrimp, fish, or just veggie based. Making this change has not only made me feel better, but I am also trying lots of new things and incorporating new meals into our dinner menu! I hope to be able to start sharing some of my favorite recipes on the blog in case anyone is thinking about trying out some of the same meal changes that I am.

Those images above are just some of the delicious meals we've made since making the change to become a pescatarian (someone who only eats fish in terms of meat). I found many other great recipes, and have an entire board on pinterest dedicated to those recipes if you're interested in trying it out. At the end of nearly three months, I really don't miss it. And if I can make this diet change in the last three months where I barely have any sort of kitchen to cook in, I know I can keep this up later on! I look forward to sharing more recipes and delicious meals with you in the future!

Are you interested in me sharing some meat-free or seafood dishes on the blog? If you have any, I'd love for you to share them!
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  1. I cut meat out of my diet about 8 months ago. I watched the same documentary you did (and a few others too) and that was it. I'm a huge animal lover and I decided I would no longer be a part of the way animals are treated for slaughter. It doesn't hurt that it's a lot healthier too! I have started sharing vegetarian recipes on my blog and I will be sharing a lot more in the future!


  2. what a great post. your food pictures look amazing. i personally don't like tofu so i know i wouldn't eat that. ive thought about this so many times, but i still continue to eat red meat and chicken :( i will not watch these videos because of it.

  3. I've been a lacto-ovo vegetarian my whole life, but I still find it hard to eat enough veggies (ironic, I know). Instead, I find myself snacking on junk, rather than having a proper meal. Oops.
    That bottom right noodle dish looks pretty good! :) Tofu, right?
    I'd love to see some meat-free recipes on the blog for inspiration, and I've actually followed your board on Pinterest.

    Much love. xx