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Home is where your stuff is . . .

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

As I was sitting on the couch bundled up in my favorite blanket Sunday morning after we had deep cleaned the entire house (while both the roommates were gone) I decided since I've talked so much about this place we are currently living in while in Limbo between houses, that I should share it with you. One, to document it so I can look back on this time and remember how grateful I am to not be there anymore, and two, so you can all see where we are currently living. (because I know I like home tours, and I hope I'm not alone). SO without further ado, here's our current "home". . .

Front view of the house . . . I happened the snap this pic at a break in the rain storm we've been in the past few days!
The living room from the front door side of the house. Straight ahead to the left is the kitchen & laundry room and to the right is our roommate's room and our bathroom. 
This is the other side of the living room looking from the kitchen. On the left is the door to our room and the right is the front door. (don't mind the broken curtain rod, between the cats and our roommate's dog, the curtains don't stand a chance) 

 The kitchen, looking towards the living room 
The dining table. And to the right of the picture is the door to the laundry room. 
This is the laundry area (I try to stay out of here as much as possible) 
Our bathroom, including the strangest decorating of a toilet I've ever seen. (It took me weeks to not feel the need to hover every time I needed to use the bathroom!) 

 And finally our room, complete with a bed, three dressers and a small closet! 

We've really tried to limit the extra things we've purchased while we're waiting for our house to be done (hopefully three more weeks!!) so that we can save and really make our next place what we want it to be. Unfortunately, that means most days by the end of the night, I'm SO ready for our new home! We were very lucky that we knew someone who would allow us to rent a room for a few months until our place is finished, especially considering we come with an entourage that includes a dog and two cats. But we are so ready for our own place and our own space! Just a little bit longer and the next home tour will be amazing!! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, that toilet. I laughed out loud, hovering! LOL. Gosh, I know you are soooo ready to be in YOUR home.

  2. that toilet is so weird!! I am such a home body!!

  3. That toilet!!!! hahahaha
    I know you are ready to be "home." It won't be long now!!

  4. That toilet would freak me out too, but at least everything else is really nice! LOL!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle