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Things you learn from your loved ones

Friday, October 24, 2014

I have some of the greatest friends and family a girl could ask for. We celebrate birthdays and holidays together, are constantly texting and have lots of fun and interesting memories. So without giving away which one of them taught me certain things, I thought it would be fun to put together a fun list of things I have learned from my friends. (don't worry, I won't get any of you in trouble by admitting which one of you taught me this)

You can actually check in on Facebook to the local police department's jail/holding cell (don't worry, no one was actually in trouble)

How much soap it takes to foam up a friend's front yard water fountain, and how said friend reacts when they realize what has happened

How to properly photobomb someone (preferably a stranger)

You're never too old to visit a water park or dress up . . . and also that the best place to celebrate your 30th birthday is definitely Disneyland

Photo booths are the best addition to any party . . . oh wait, maybe I taught them that, along with the fact that the bigger the better is the motto when it comes to Christmas Trees!

The best and most memorable gift for a white elephant party is your old retainer from 7th grade, people will talk about it for years and be truly impressed at your guts and imagination!

You're supposed to enjoy a flambongo of expensive champagne instead of just a glass at midnight on New Years Eve. For those of you who don't know what a flambongo is, think flamingo yard ornament with a hole in its butt and its mouth that becomes similar to a beer bong)

If you're trying to get a reservation at a fancy restaurant at the last minute, be really nice and overly chatty telling the person on the line how great you've heard their food is, and how its a special night out. The downside to this is when that person ends up seating you when you arrive and remembers you from your awkward phone conversation.

As long as you have a tuxedo t-shirt, you can be considered dressed in formal wear.

Roller derby is one of the greatest sports . . . and that I can fit 8 regular sized marshmallows in my mouth at once and still be able to say roller derby, but that's still more than my husband! See what I mean Here.

Halloween is way more fun if you decorate your entire garage and sit outside to scare potential trick-or-treaters . . . you also end up with more candy left over when you do this because less people attempt to walk up to your home

If you don't have a tall enough ladder, just put a smaller ladder on top of your dining room table in order to reach whatever you're trying to reach. Note, this does work when trying to install a ceiling fan.

You can actually fit two kayaks, 6 oars, 4 lifejackets, 1 raft, and 4 people into one Honda Pilot.

See what I mean? I have some awesome friends & family! What crazy or hilarious things have your friends or family taught you? 

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  1. You are blessed with friends... if they can keep you laughing, give comfort & TEACH you things, then you are blessed :)

  2. I'm dying over the flambongo and 7th grade retainer!