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Watching our close date come and go

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall has officially landed here in the pacific northwest, and as I write this I am currently drinking some cinnamon apple chamomile tea and listening to the drizzle of rain outside my window. I don't think I'd mind the cooler temperatures and the smell of rain as much if I hadn't packed nearly all of my fall/winter clothes into storage till our house is done and if I wasn't so lazy that I don't feel like searching the three different storage locations that are currently home to our entire lives. #libbyfail. So until the awaited day that I finally get to move out of the 10x10 room and into our brand new home, you can find me rewiring the same three sweaters.

On the topic of the house, every week it seems like things keep changing (and not necessarily in the way I want them to). While last week the cabinets did finish getting installed and they brought more gravel and pipes to work on the road, I have yet to see that anticipated "road closed" sign go up, meaning they are actually paving the road which in turn will get us closer to our move in date! Unfortunately the road project (meaning the three lots that the road needs to be finished in front of) has taken years months longer than it was supposed to, which means our move in date keeps getting pushed back. Our original close date was today, and now it looks like we will be lucky if the house is finished in the next month and the loan closes before Christmas. We are in the process of working with our real estate agent and our builders to work out a deal where we could move in once the house is done and rent from them till the road is completely finish and all inspected (which is the soonest we can close on the loan). If that plan doesn't come through, we will have to sit and look at a finished home where the road is just waiting on final inspections for 45 days, which means my husband will be married to a very cranky wife! Keep your fingers crossed it all comes together so that we can move in and rent before Thanksgiving!

The cabinets almost finished being installed (now the plywood for the counters is also finished and just waiting our granite tile) 

Here are the paint colors I've been trying to decide between for the interior of the house. I posted this on my instagram and got lots of suggestions, but always open to more :)
  Could they pile more garbage in my front yard? C'mon people, don't you know your crap is getting in the way of my photos! 
Here are the exterior paint colors I've been thinking about using, do you like? 

So other than the nightly drive bys we do one our house and our normal work schedules (Dan at the Fire Department and Winery, and me at the University) we've been keeping my Dad company while my mom is out of town and working on planning a birthday party for her when she returns. Life has been fairly uneventful, but thankfully time has been passing a bit quicker. Once we have everything in writing about our move in date, renting, and closing I think I'll feel a little less stressed about the whole thing. Oh that and we also have to move Dan's mom into her new house in the next couple weeks, could there be worse better timing! At least Dan will be used to moving all those boxes by the time we finally get our keys! So while all of you share your awesome fall home decor posts and your pumpkin patch trips, I'll be over here stalking our builders and counting down the days till I can move in and start decorating our place! Just be prepared for home decor overload since I've been unable to do any of that for the last 4 months. Consider yourself warned! Because I mean, there's not much I can do with a room that looks like this!

Yes basically everything I have been using for the last three months and anything I do at home happens in that 10x10 room. Boy will our new house feel spacious!

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  1. I feel your pain! We went through a lull in the building process last week, but now they're back at it. We were originally told that we could be in by the end of the year, but we're thinking it might not really be until January or February :( Hope you get everything figured out soon!

  2. So many fingers and toes crossed for ya'll to be able to move in ASAP :)

  3. I hope everything works out and you can close on your house ASAP. I can't even imagine how frustrating that must be dealing with all of those variables that you really don't have control over. I love the colors you picked for the outside of the house!

  4. Uhh I'd be so frustrated and antsy! Its going to be awewsome once you get in and get to decorate!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle