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We have progress people!

Friday, October 17, 2014

I swear I get more and more depressed every time I drive by our new house hoping to see someone working or something getting done only to find it as a ghost town. It's torture really! So you can imagine my surprise when we drove by and saw a white van out front. (Building a house is probably the only time you truly get excited about an unmarked white van being parked outside of your house).  I rushed inside to figure out what they were doing and as soon as I walked in the garage and saw the backsplash tile I had chosen my face lit up! COUNTERTOPS!! For over a week the only progress I've been greeted with was news of it taking longer and a couple dump truck loads of gravel (not exactly the excitement I was looking for). This process has been literally like watching paint dry, except the paint was dry 10 days ago and we're still playing this same waiting game! So seeing something happening literally renewed my excitement and faith that this is all happening! Unfortunately the guy was still working when we drove by later and it was getting dark, and Dan wouldn't let me get in the way of his nifty saw with the water that he was using to cut the tiles with (like my highly sophisticated lingo), so I'll post more pictures next week, or on my Instagram too.

In order to put in the flooring and other finishing touches we need the power company to come actually hook up power to the house (seems easy enough to me), but we are still waiting on that. And the longer this whole thing takes, the more frustrated I get with our roommates. Each time we are on our drive home Dan and I take bets on whether or not we think his girlfriend will be there or not. It's one game I definitely won't miss playing.

All that's left as far as decisions go for the house are all the decorative details. We are currently in search of a dining room table and trying to decide between purchasing one or making our own. After a few trips to different antique stores and salvage yards we are still unsure of which to go with. Our plan is to visit a few more places this weekend and try to come to some decision. I have visions of this beautiful farmhouse table, but have to be pretty specific about size (oh and I also don't want to spend a million dollars like my husband is more willing to do), so the search is still on. Here's what I'm envisioning if you have any suggestions on where to look!
Our floors will be light wood and our cabinets are white, so I'm trying to find something that will go with the whole feel and look of that space. I'm in that place where I have a vision in my head and just know there's something out there exactly like what I'm thinking of in my head (please tell me I'm not the only irrational one who does this). Here's a little sneak peak at what the flooring, countertops, pendant lights, dining room light and backsplash are going to look like, plus also think white subway tile! 

I hope you're getting as excited as I am, well maybe not that excite since it won't be your house and if you were as excited as me that would be a little weird, but I hope you're looking forward to seeing it all come together! 

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  1. That farmhouse table is amazing! If you can't find one that is right for you, I'm sure you could have someone build it for you to the exact size you want. Not sure how much that would cost though...or you could try and do it yourself. I've seen lots of DIY farmhouse tables in the blog world and on Pinterest :)