Health, Love & Fire: November 2014

Best Date EVER!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So it's been almost a week since our last date. Not the last time I had dinner with my husband, or the last time I've written on the blog, but the last day that I was in the same room with JT. That's Justin Timberlake if you haven't been around here much before. And yes I consider my seats at his concert in the 300 section a date with him. Please don't burst my bubble.

I was lucky enough to see him in Seattle when he came this past January. As soon as he release his tour dates and I saw that he wasn't coming to Portland, I searched for the next closest city, joined the fan club and started planning my trip. The concert was everything I had hoped for and more, and the weekend away came at the perfect time. In case you missed it, you can read all about it Here.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I woke up one morning to the announcement that JT was adding more US dates to his tour, and Portland was the first stop! That put my attempt so save money on hold for a while (Here), because there was no way I was going to sit at home and see everyone and their mother's social media posts all night about the concert! So I bought more tickets!

So Thursday night after work, we headed to Portland with two of our best friends! We started the evening off with dinner and a couple drinks & then headed to the concert. Our seats were higher than I would have liked but the concert was still amazing! If you ever get the chance to see him, do it! Don't even hesitate! Even my husband will vouch for the fact that it's an amazing concert! He has no opening act, and the whole night is just him! Best. Concert. Ever!!!

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Boyes on the move, or not yet

Monday, November 24, 2014

Today was going to include a weekend recap with all things Justin Timberlake, Spa dates and Christmas music, but instead I'm falling back on my ever favorite topic of our home. Unfortunately it isn't the type of home updated I want to be giving, instead it's another house rant. Hopefully these are starting to come to an end, but I figured since it had been a while since I'd filled you in on where we are at, I was due for an update.

Lets rewind back to October, when our house was supposed to be finished on October 15th, plenty of time to get all settled in before the holidays. When we first sat down with our builders and signed papers back in early May, moving in during the middle of October seemed perfect. I could get all my fall decorations up in time to host thanksgiving in our new home. Those same papers included an extension, so if for some reason something came up, the builders had till November 1st to get us in. Still seemed realistic to me.

As we got closer and closer to October, we started to realize that the house probably wouldn't be done by the original deadline. It took much longer than anticipated for the permits to go through (hello 3 month wait), and because of that everything else had to be pushed back. But even with that delay, we were still told there would be no problem getting finished by Thanksgiving. And we have heard that for the last couple months. The timeline kept getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving Day, but we would still be in before that, even if we were moving the day before.

So here we are . . . November 25th and no real end in sight, and Thanksgiving is just three days away. On Friday as I was completely and utterly relaxed sitting in the relaxation room after a facial and a glass of wine with my mom, I got a text from Dan saying they weren't going to be finished for at least two more weeks. This meant that we wouldn't be in till at least the first week in December. There went Thanksgiving. The main hold up currently is the road, but even with that, they haven't finished the house. They were supposed to be working yesterday on the road, but thanks to my Mom's update after her walk, we were disappointed to hear there was no one there working, AGAIN!

At this point, it's just discouraging and frustrating to drive by daily, nearly two months after our home was supposed to be done and see it still unfinished with no one working. I know I should be thankful to have a roof over our heads and be able to build our own home, but it's a really helpless feeling when we have such little control over getting it finished and have no set timeline of getting to move in. I'm watching everyone else decorate for the holidays and am sad to have all of our decor in storage. Last Christmas was such a difficult time in our lives, having Dan's Dad pass away the day after Christmas, so we wanted to make this year the best we could. We are meeting with our Realtor this morning and hoping for some good news, or at least a little more information or power in our corner to get it all done.

But obviously, since I go by daily, I make sure to snap a few pictures. So, here's a few photo updates I've snapped from my phone:
This was the day after they painted the house, just missing the finished front door paint! 

The entry into the master bath with the cabinets, flooring, tile and backsplash all finished

The fireplace after the walls were painted and all the trim & molding was installed! I can't wait for the cardboard to be taken up off the floors so I can see how the hardwoods look! 

A close up of one of our dirty kitchen lights :) 

What the kitchen currently looks like

What do you do on Saturday morning when you're sad that you're not moving into your home, you spend two hours laying on the recently installed carpet in your bonus room planning out how to decorate it! 

Last week all the lights and carpet were installed, the interior paint was finished, and the appliances and plumbing fixtures were delivered and installed. All that's left for the home is having the fixtures like door handles installed along with all the closet doors. Once that's finished and the water is turned on it will be ready to be lived in! Outside of the house the front porch and back porch along with the driveway need to be completed along with the sidewalks and curbs for the road. And lastly the landscaping at least out front needs to be finished. It seems so close, yet so far from completion! I'm hoping that our meeting with our Relator this morning will bring good news and some final plans! At this point, I'm praying to get an official finish and move in date and have it not change. I want to hear from them when it will all be done, and have that be the actual date it's finished. I love everything about our new house, and I just can't wait to have those keys in hand and begin making that house our home! 
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Don't act like it's a bad thing. . . .

Thursday, November 20, 2014

that I'll be screaming my lungs out and loosing my voice tonight at my second Justin Timberlake concert of the year. What can I say, I can't help myself. I did however promise my husband that I won't be blowing our bank account at the merch table tonight like I did at the last show. I mean 1 t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a shot glass for $100 bucks is a total deal in my book if it has anything related to Justin Timberlake! I also promised Dan, along with our two friends joining us tonight that I would leave said t-shirt and sweatshirt at home. Party poppers if you ask me, but I also don't want him to think I'm a crazy person when I win those backstage passes and meet him (only in my dreams), so i'll wear normal clothes I suppose. But you can bet that tomorrow morning I will be looking something like I did last January post-Justin concert, with no voice and no energy but still beaming from the best show ever.
I even took tomorrow off to recover . . . too bad Dan & one of our friends has to work, and the other one has to take care of their twins. Sounds like I'm the only smart one! So tomorrow, while all of you are counting down the hours till your weekend starts, I'll be sleeping in making up for a late night, drinking lots of tea to regain my voice, and spending the afternoon at the spa with my mom enjoy mimosas and facials in an effort to relax and forget about the fact that every minute of the day I'm hoping our house will be done in the next 5 days. Aside from the house stress . . . life is rough pretty great!

And since I am clearly the best sister ever, attending a concert tonight instead of celebrating, I wanted to make sure I wished my brother a Happy Birthday. I still can't believe he is possibly old enough to be in Vegas today on his birthday celebrating turning 23. It seems like just yesterday we were at the airport in NYC waiting for him to get off that plane and finally be in our arms and a part of our family. And while I may have begged my mom to call the number on the side of the bottle he traveled with to see if we could get a refund, I'm pretty glad she never listened. Even though he loves to push my buttons and argue just for the fun of it, life would be pretty boring without him! Happy Birthday T! I promise to think about you all once tonight while I'm at the concert!
 weren't we just the cutest!

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Things you just wouldn't understand . . .

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This weekend we were over at a friends house just hanging out for the day, watching tv (since we don't have cable at our place) and just spending time together. We also kept ourselves entertained watching the neighbor spend hours trying to build a large boulder filled retaining wall across the back of his property. As we watched, our friend told us about the neighbor and his family. Apparently his wife is a blogger, and hearing my friend explain what he thought that meant or what it is she does got me thinking about the things you don't understand unless your a blogger, or married to one (or dating or engaged).

what is means to have followers who you don't know in real life, and the fact that no that isn't creepy, it's actually the goal

what you would even write about every day, and how some people do that for their full time job (this was what our friend couldn't understand)

how you could possibly make money blogging (another aspect he just had no idea how she accomplished this)

that Pinterest is basically run by bloggers, not people that work for the company that just scour the internet all day long looking for pictures

what works like pic monkey, passionfruit, blate, linkup, or swap actually mean

why you take so many pictures, especially of food

where you actually go when you hang out on someone's sidebar

how you get so many likes or followers on Instagram

why you have to have everything prepped at least 30 minutes before people come over so that you have time to document/photograph it all before people ruin it

why you go to every local event or new restaurant

how come you stand in your yard setting up your tripod and taking pictures of yourself all the time

Do your friends know or understand why you blog or what it means to be a blogger? It was so entertaining listening to mine talk about his professional blogger neighbor who somehow makes a living off of blogging by like selling her page or something like that so that she can just work from home all the time. I guess when you think about it, we are a little strange :)

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Making my list & checking it 20 times!

Monday, November 17, 2014

It appears I have been a bit MIA around this blog. Not completely gone but definitely posting far less regularly. But hey, it happens sometimes. We are hoping that our house will be complete by the end of this week, and crossing our fingers that the people in charge of the road get to work and just get the sidewalks in so that we can gain temporary occupancy (#christmasmiracle)! To say I am ready to move in to this house is an understatement! So as you can imagine I have been fairly stressed, trying not to think about the possibility of not being in our new home for Thanksgiving, and what makes me happy . . . well Christmas of course! So as I was crying in the parking lot of Baja Fresh on my lunch break last friday even with my sweet husband in the car who drove to have lunch with me, I needed a pick me up. Well it just so happens that the Baja Fresh parking lot also happens to share a parking lot with Marshall's, so crisis averted and the Christmas section of the store was shortly being loaded into the back of my husband's truck, and all was right with he world!

So since anything and everything Christmas seems to take my mind of the current stress of life, I figured I share some of the things on my Christmas wish list this year. I don't know about you, but my family likes wish lists. Since I was about 15, anything I got for Christmas or my birthday was usually something either on a wish list I created or something I pointed out to my mom in the store. And since instead of just creating one wish list for my parents I now have to make one for my mother in-law and my husband too, I decided now was as good a time as any to make an entire board on pinterest dedicated to my christmas dreams! Here's a look at some of the items I've added & hope Santa will have wrapped for me under the tree come Christmas morning!

1. Necklace from The Golden Gardenia on Etsy - Link 
2. Marc Jacobs Honey Rollerball Fragrance from Sephora - Link 
3. Cottage White Traveler from Lori Leigh - Link 
4. Audrey Brooke Milano Suede Bootie from DSW - Link 
5. Women's Round Collar Fashion Stripe Sweater from Light In The Box - Link 
6. Double Wall Traveler from Starbucks - Link

So if you're looking for something to get me, don't look any further! You've found your answer right here! Do you have any tricks to helping your loved ones get you something you'll adore? What's on your wish list this year?
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My Monday was hotter that your Monday

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Being married to a firefighter definitely has its plusses and minuses. One of the benefits is getting the inside scoop when cool things like burn to learns are going on. One of those happened to be Monday night. Burn to learns are controlled burns that allow the fire department to get hands on practice in a semi-controlled setting (how controlled can a fire really be?). Local community members or property owners who are looking to destroy or get rid of an old home, they can donate it to the fire department to be used for a practice burn. On the day or night of the burn, they go room by room lighting a fire in each room one at a time so different teams of firefighters can go in a practice putting it out. Once they have gotten all their practice time in, they let the whole thing burn to the ground. Normally they do these burns during the day, which makes for an easier time taking pictures, and not such a late night for all the fire fighters, but any time I can spend some time with Dan while he's on shift and get some pictures I am always in! The fire department has been lucky this fall and has gotten several homes donated for practice burns, so hopefully there will be some more spectator nights in my future. Luckily (for me) Dan was working that night, so he wasn't able to go inside the house, but instead spent the evening next to me taking pictures and explaining what was going on. I know he wanted to be able to go inside and get some hands on practice in, but any time my husband isn't in a burning building is a plus in my book! (sorry honey)

Last night's burn was at the end of a dead end street, which made it kind of nice because the only spectators there were fire department family and a few neighbors, this also allowed me to get a bit closer and snap some pictures!! If you ever hear about a burn to learn in your area, I definitely recommend stoping by and watching for a while. The whole experience is pretty amazing and definitely something you're not able to be that close to observe very often. And don't worry, lots of people driving by or in the area stop by to watch so you won't be alone, and you definitely won't be cold!

I'm continually amazed at what my husband and some of my closest friends do on a daily basis and thankful that there are people out there willing to! And while these nights are fun and amazing, I'm constantly thankful when they are over and Dan is back home with me.
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The time I almost fainted over a bar cart

Monday, November 10, 2014

I'll admit it, I am in total house prep mode, counting down the hours till it's finally finished and on the hunt for all the decor I need to make our house a home the moment I get those keys. Please don't try telling me I'm crazy, my husband has already done that and I continue to ignore him. My hunt for items filled my weekend. Saturday I spent the day with my Mom scouring World Market, Kohls, Target, and Bed Bath and Beyond. It's safe to say that it may or may not look like World Market has thrown up in my home once we've moved in. But I can't help the fact that they are one of the few places that has the exact shade of mint I've been looking for. #yesihaveaproblem. We of course ended the day watching the Oregon Duck game, and flipping back and forth during commercials to the Alabama game to support my blogging bestie Morgan. I think it's safe to say I'm glad I'm not that guy from Utah today or this week for that matter. (rule #1 make sure you're in the end zone before dropping the ball to begin your celebration)

But aside from the football watching and hours spent at World Market this weekend, my husband was finally home from his 48 hour shift on Sunday morning and we decided to just enjoy a relaxing day together. This included, you guessed it. . . more house decor hunting (and a trip by our new home)! The house shopping led us to an awesome salvage place just a few towns over that I love (I won't mention names because I'm still too upset over what went down, and as my husband likes to say, I have a tendency to be a little bit bitchy when I'm upset #sorryimnotsorry). But back to the story at hand. So I was in search of the perfect bar cart, a search I have been on for quite some time with very little success. I have a picture of what I want in my head, so it should be in existence right?!? S

o the last time we were at the salvage place a few weeks ago the girl mentioned that they were getting in a bunch of carts that day and that they would be available in the next week or two. So after wandering around their store and seeing none, I was ready to leave disappointed. Because my husband knows I don't like to start awkward conversations or talk to people I don't know (blogging is totally different clearly), he asked the girl for us. It just so happens that they have tons of out buildings that house more "treasures" and she grabbed the key to show us. I was amazed when she opened the door to pile after pile of antique & salvage treasure. I should have known from the start that this wasn't going to end well. So after peering through every pile and item I found the perfect cart! Of course it was probably also the heaviest in this large building and situated at the very back of this storage area, but the girl and my husband happily carried it out for us. And that's when it all ended.

The worker called over her boss to take a look at the piece and let us know the price tag. I was expecting it to be expensive, but figured for a couple hundred dollars and a few calories burned I could give that cart a home in our upstairs bonus room as our new bar cart. What was the price you ask, oh just $795. But don't worry, because we were there today, they would give us a discount and only charge us $695. Are you kidding me?!? And that's when my smile turned to a grimace, I walked to our car, got in and left.

I'm not sure which wealthy person was going to pull up after us and purchase a $795 rusted steel cart, but it wasn't going to be us. Both Dan and I were pissed. Clearly the owner is just out there to make a ton of money and rip people off. What would you consider reasonable for that cart? I hope I'm not the only one who thinks that is outrageous! So if you see me today, I am super bummed about the lack of bar cart in my car ready to move in to our house as soon as it's finished, happy that the exterior of our house is currently being painted, and still on the hunt for the perfect bar cart! I'm currently checking craigslist daily, have searched everything I can think of on etsy, am always open to suggestions on where to look, and may or may not be found searching run down barns in the area.
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A sorta kinda borrowed countdown of sorts and wishes

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A few days ago I saw two of my favorite bloggers (Morgan & Erin) post a list of sorts and since I am out of ideas love them so much, I decided to jump on the train and do the same thing to share with all of you.

Five things I'm looking forward to: 
1. Obviously I am ecstatic to be moving into our house hopefully sometime this month. While it isn't going to be exactly how we thought it would be, I just can't wait to be in!
2. Decorating for the holidays - it's passed November 1st so that means holiday cups and christmas music! I may or may not be listening to the Christmas Pandora station as I type this! And if you're in the holiday spirit like me already, make sure you didn't miss yesterday's post!
3. The Justin Timberlake concert that I will be singing my lungs out and loosing my voice at in just 15 days!
4. Dan has Thanksgiving off which I am thrilled about! He has to switch shifts at work which was going to schedule him to work a 24 hour shift on Thanksgiving, but thankfully one of his coworkers was nice enough to switch with him so we get the day together! It's still up in the air whether we will be in our new house and if we will get to host, but I am crossing my fingers that it all comes together!
5. Did I mention our house?!?

Four things on my wish list:
1. A fun statement mirror (source) I love this look and am really wanting to do something similar in our guest room so that Morgan & Mia people have somewhere pretty to stay when they come visit!
2. A neat metal cart to use as a bar cart like this one! I've scoured antique shops and daily looked at ebay and craigslist! If anyone knows of somewhere great to look that won't cost me a small fortune please help a girl out! (source) I really want to add this to our bonus room and with the rate my husband is collecting scotch I need somewhere to store it all!
3. A cozy plaid scarf! To me this just screams the holiday season! (source)
4. I want this to be my holiday tablescape! I love everything about it!! I'm hoping to host Thanksgiving dinner and maybe some dinner parties around Christmas and this would be the perfect look, although with how adorable it is I may just keep it looking this way for months! (source)

Three current obsessions: 
1. Scandal - I had friends telling me to watch this show since it started and I started to watch the first episode a couple years ago, but started it again since we don't currently have cable and I'm hooked! If you're unsure where to find me when I'm not at work, it's most likely in front of my Netflix! If you haven't watched this year, do it! Even my husband is hooked!
2. Anything and everything related to our house (but I'm sure you already noticed that). Last week the wood floors were installed and the trim and doors were getting started! One big hold up is the road in front of our house, which they just finished getting all the water and sewer lines in place so hopefully the road will be on its way to being ready to be paved.
3. I've officially caught the Holiday Bug. Christmas music, holiday cups from Dutch Bros & Starbucks, holiday decorations in the stores, planning holiday parties & my birthday party . . . I'm in to ALL of it!!

Two things I need to get done: 
1. Get over this annoying cold that I've had the last week and a half! My room currently looks like Target's cold and flu department threw up in it! I missed a day of work last week and have been dragging by the last week and a half (and I should have bought stock in kleenex) so I'm very ready to say goodbye to the congestion & coughing madness!
2. Start my Christmas shopping. Every year I tell myself to start earlier and earlier, but with moving in the middle of the holiday season, I know I'll be kicking myself if I don't get on it early! Plus I'm always ready to bring some Christmas cheer into my life! I've already got a few lists and ideas going and have even purchased a few things! (And you better believe I've already started my wish lists!)

One thing I'm loving this week:
My sweet husband and I celebrated 8 years together this passed Sunday! It was such a nice day filled with a yummy dinner and a short stay cation. It's hard to believe we've been together for nearly a third of my life (gosh I sound old when I put it that way). It was funny to sit at dinner and talk about where we thought we'd be 8 years ago and what stood out in our memories from the last 8 years! Like I wrote in my card to him, here's to 60 more!

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Spreading the holiday love with Mia

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

If you know me at all, follow my Instagram, or have been around me around the holidays you know that I am obsessed with Christmas. It's truly a problem. On Saturday (November 1st) I couldn't wait to go get my tea in a holiday cup, scope out some Christmas decor (don't worry I'm not decorating yet) and listen to a few tunes to get me in the holiday spirit. I'm sure I drive my friends and family crazy, but it's who I am. Last year's holiday season was less than stellar. With my father in law being sick starting in November and continuing through Thanksgiving until he later passed away the day after Christmas, the entire holiday season seemed like a blur, almost as if they never even happened. So this year I am determined to go all out celebrating them all, in an effort to make them a little easier for my family and also since we never really got to last year. And truthfully, it wouldn't be right if I was going all out in my every day life and not sharing it with this little blog, so that's where you come in.

There are several fabulous blogs on my favorites bookmark that I check daily to see what their up to, email them if I haven't heard  from them in a while, and stalk keep up with them on Instagram. One of my favorite's just happens to be Mia from Make Me Up Mia, who also loves the holidays as much as I do. She and I decided that instead of just enjoying the holidays with our families, we wanted to do something fun with our blogging friends too. We decided what better way to celebrate than to make new friends and get some fun winter gifts. So we put together an ornament and recipe swap, because I don't know about you but I love nearly any and every ornament ever made (i had to get a second tree last year, because they wouldn't all fit on my 12 foot tree in the living room) and am a sucker for holiday cooking.

This swap is open to bloggers or non-bloggers. Whoever you are, if you want to make a new friend and get a new ornament and recipe to add to your holiday traditions you are more than welcome to join us. All we ask is that you follow myself and Mia on one of our social media platforms whether it be our blog, Instagram, or Twitter. If you're interested in joining just leave your name and email in the comments section of either mine or Mia's post OR just email one of us and we will get you signed up! Partners will be announced on Monday November 17th via email, so just be on the lookout for an email from one of us with who you've been partnered with. You will have until December 10th to get to know your partner and decide which ornament and recipe to send them. We are asking that you spend no more than $15-20 so that no one goes super overboard and everyone gets a nice addition to their holiday decor. Unfortunately this is only open to people in the US. We hope that this swap will not only introduce you to some new bloggers or friends, but that it will give you a new recipe to try and new ornament to hang. 

I hope that you'll join us and make some new friends this holiday season. Please let us know if you have any questions. You have until next Friday, November 14th to sign up! Feel free to spread the word and let other's know about this fun holiday swap, and us the hashtag #2014ORNAMENTSWAP! 

If you're looking for either of us on social media, here we are :) 
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