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A sorta kinda borrowed countdown of sorts and wishes

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A few days ago I saw two of my favorite bloggers (Morgan & Erin) post a list of sorts and since I am out of ideas love them so much, I decided to jump on the train and do the same thing to share with all of you.

Five things I'm looking forward to: 
1. Obviously I am ecstatic to be moving into our house hopefully sometime this month. While it isn't going to be exactly how we thought it would be, I just can't wait to be in!
2. Decorating for the holidays - it's passed November 1st so that means holiday cups and christmas music! I may or may not be listening to the Christmas Pandora station as I type this! And if you're in the holiday spirit like me already, make sure you didn't miss yesterday's post!
3. The Justin Timberlake concert that I will be singing my lungs out and loosing my voice at in just 15 days!
4. Dan has Thanksgiving off which I am thrilled about! He has to switch shifts at work which was going to schedule him to work a 24 hour shift on Thanksgiving, but thankfully one of his coworkers was nice enough to switch with him so we get the day together! It's still up in the air whether we will be in our new house and if we will get to host, but I am crossing my fingers that it all comes together!
5. Did I mention our house?!?

Four things on my wish list:
1. A fun statement mirror (source) I love this look and am really wanting to do something similar in our guest room so that Morgan & Mia people have somewhere pretty to stay when they come visit!
2. A neat metal cart to use as a bar cart like this one! I've scoured antique shops and daily looked at ebay and craigslist! If anyone knows of somewhere great to look that won't cost me a small fortune please help a girl out! (source) I really want to add this to our bonus room and with the rate my husband is collecting scotch I need somewhere to store it all!
3. A cozy plaid scarf! To me this just screams the holiday season! (source)
4. I want this to be my holiday tablescape! I love everything about it!! I'm hoping to host Thanksgiving dinner and maybe some dinner parties around Christmas and this would be the perfect look, although with how adorable it is I may just keep it looking this way for months! (source)

Three current obsessions: 
1. Scandal - I had friends telling me to watch this show since it started and I started to watch the first episode a couple years ago, but started it again since we don't currently have cable and I'm hooked! If you're unsure where to find me when I'm not at work, it's most likely in front of my Netflix! If you haven't watched this year, do it! Even my husband is hooked!
2. Anything and everything related to our house (but I'm sure you already noticed that). Last week the wood floors were installed and the trim and doors were getting started! One big hold up is the road in front of our house, which they just finished getting all the water and sewer lines in place so hopefully the road will be on its way to being ready to be paved.
3. I've officially caught the Holiday Bug. Christmas music, holiday cups from Dutch Bros & Starbucks, holiday decorations in the stores, planning holiday parties & my birthday party . . . I'm in to ALL of it!!

Two things I need to get done: 
1. Get over this annoying cold that I've had the last week and a half! My room currently looks like Target's cold and flu department threw up in it! I missed a day of work last week and have been dragging by the last week and a half (and I should have bought stock in kleenex) so I'm very ready to say goodbye to the congestion & coughing madness!
2. Start my Christmas shopping. Every year I tell myself to start earlier and earlier, but with moving in the middle of the holiday season, I know I'll be kicking myself if I don't get on it early! Plus I'm always ready to bring some Christmas cheer into my life! I've already got a few lists and ideas going and have even purchased a few things! (And you better believe I've already started my wish lists!)

One thing I'm loving this week:
My sweet husband and I celebrated 8 years together this passed Sunday! It was such a nice day filled with a yummy dinner and a short stay cation. It's hard to believe we've been together for nearly a third of my life (gosh I sound old when I put it that way). It was funny to sit at dinner and talk about where we thought we'd be 8 years ago and what stood out in our memories from the last 8 years! Like I wrote in my card to him, here's to 60 more!

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  1. That tablescape is beautiful! Good luck with all of your house things, I hope you are able to move in soon!

  2. Oh girl, I hope one day I can really be a guest in your house! So get that mirror ;) Haha! I am such a holiday lover so I am beyond excited for all things Thanksgiving & Christmas!

  3. Moving month!! Yay! I know you are just over the moon! And I'm seriously swooning over that plaid scarf. It seems to be the *it* thing at the moment!

  4. I am so excited to decorate for the holidays! My roommate will probably kill me because I have a huge collection of nutcrackers haha

  5. I'm totally jealous that you are going to the Justin Timberlake concert in a couple of weeks--have a blast!!! Can't wait to hear all about it. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to move in to your new house ASAP!

  6. Ohh I want THAT exact bar cart!!! haha Love it!