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Boyes on the move, or not yet

Monday, November 24, 2014

Today was going to include a weekend recap with all things Justin Timberlake, Spa dates and Christmas music, but instead I'm falling back on my ever favorite topic of our home. Unfortunately it isn't the type of home updated I want to be giving, instead it's another house rant. Hopefully these are starting to come to an end, but I figured since it had been a while since I'd filled you in on where we are at, I was due for an update.

Lets rewind back to October, when our house was supposed to be finished on October 15th, plenty of time to get all settled in before the holidays. When we first sat down with our builders and signed papers back in early May, moving in during the middle of October seemed perfect. I could get all my fall decorations up in time to host thanksgiving in our new home. Those same papers included an extension, so if for some reason something came up, the builders had till November 1st to get us in. Still seemed realistic to me.

As we got closer and closer to October, we started to realize that the house probably wouldn't be done by the original deadline. It took much longer than anticipated for the permits to go through (hello 3 month wait), and because of that everything else had to be pushed back. But even with that delay, we were still told there would be no problem getting finished by Thanksgiving. And we have heard that for the last couple months. The timeline kept getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving Day, but we would still be in before that, even if we were moving the day before.

So here we are . . . November 25th and no real end in sight, and Thanksgiving is just three days away. On Friday as I was completely and utterly relaxed sitting in the relaxation room after a facial and a glass of wine with my mom, I got a text from Dan saying they weren't going to be finished for at least two more weeks. This meant that we wouldn't be in till at least the first week in December. There went Thanksgiving. The main hold up currently is the road, but even with that, they haven't finished the house. They were supposed to be working yesterday on the road, but thanks to my Mom's update after her walk, we were disappointed to hear there was no one there working, AGAIN!

At this point, it's just discouraging and frustrating to drive by daily, nearly two months after our home was supposed to be done and see it still unfinished with no one working. I know I should be thankful to have a roof over our heads and be able to build our own home, but it's a really helpless feeling when we have such little control over getting it finished and have no set timeline of getting to move in. I'm watching everyone else decorate for the holidays and am sad to have all of our decor in storage. Last Christmas was such a difficult time in our lives, having Dan's Dad pass away the day after Christmas, so we wanted to make this year the best we could. We are meeting with our Realtor this morning and hoping for some good news, or at least a little more information or power in our corner to get it all done.

But obviously, since I go by daily, I make sure to snap a few pictures. So, here's a few photo updates I've snapped from my phone:
This was the day after they painted the house, just missing the finished front door paint! 

The entry into the master bath with the cabinets, flooring, tile and backsplash all finished

The fireplace after the walls were painted and all the trim & molding was installed! I can't wait for the cardboard to be taken up off the floors so I can see how the hardwoods look! 

A close up of one of our dirty kitchen lights :) 

What the kitchen currently looks like

What do you do on Saturday morning when you're sad that you're not moving into your home, you spend two hours laying on the recently installed carpet in your bonus room planning out how to decorate it! 

Last week all the lights and carpet were installed, the interior paint was finished, and the appliances and plumbing fixtures were delivered and installed. All that's left for the home is having the fixtures like door handles installed along with all the closet doors. Once that's finished and the water is turned on it will be ready to be lived in! Outside of the house the front porch and back porch along with the driveway need to be completed along with the sidewalks and curbs for the road. And lastly the landscaping at least out front needs to be finished. It seems so close, yet so far from completion! I'm hoping that our meeting with our Relator this morning will bring good news and some final plans! At this point, I'm praying to get an official finish and move in date and have it not change. I want to hear from them when it will all be done, and have that be the actual date it's finished. I love everything about our new house, and I just can't wait to have those keys in hand and begin making that house our home! 
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  1. I work with builders for a living, & I can't believe they are so far behind on their deadline, I know sometimes they are a couple weeks off, but a couple months!?! I feel so sorry for you! Building can be such a hard and long process!! Hope it all speeds up soon!!

  2. That kitchen is GORGEOUS!! We moved into a brand-spankin-new-home also, and you'll never want to live in a used home ever again. The downside is every stain is yours. Every carpet stain, toilet ring, and wall dent. But oh well - so worth it!!

  3. Oh my gosh I love that kitchen! I would be having such a hard time with the delays. It will be gorgeous when it's finished and I can't wait for a move in decor post :)

  4. Love this kitchen!! Sorry its not ready yet. But hopefully it will soon! =)

  5. I hear your frustrations loud and clear! We were supposed to be in by the end of the year, and it's looking like we won't be in until February. You guys look SO CLOSE to being finished (which of course makes me a tad jealous, because we're just getting drywall late this week / early next week).

  6. So so frustrating, I can only imagine! I hope you get good news from the realtor... It's going to be gorgeous, I'm in love with your kitchen!

  7. UHHHHHHH! So frustrating! Just hang in there. It's going to beautiful and worth the wait!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. First of all...Justin Timberlake?! I want to hear more! Love him! I hope you are able to get into your home soon!

  9. So frustrating that you still aren't in your house! However, the photos of it look great! You are going to be so happy once you can finally move in :)