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Making my list & checking it 20 times!

Monday, November 17, 2014

It appears I have been a bit MIA around this blog. Not completely gone but definitely posting far less regularly. But hey, it happens sometimes. We are hoping that our house will be complete by the end of this week, and crossing our fingers that the people in charge of the road get to work and just get the sidewalks in so that we can gain temporary occupancy (#christmasmiracle)! To say I am ready to move in to this house is an understatement! So as you can imagine I have been fairly stressed, trying not to think about the possibility of not being in our new home for Thanksgiving, and what makes me happy . . . well Christmas of course! So as I was crying in the parking lot of Baja Fresh on my lunch break last friday even with my sweet husband in the car who drove to have lunch with me, I needed a pick me up. Well it just so happens that the Baja Fresh parking lot also happens to share a parking lot with Marshall's, so crisis averted and the Christmas section of the store was shortly being loaded into the back of my husband's truck, and all was right with he world!

So since anything and everything Christmas seems to take my mind of the current stress of life, I figured I share some of the things on my Christmas wish list this year. I don't know about you, but my family likes wish lists. Since I was about 15, anything I got for Christmas or my birthday was usually something either on a wish list I created or something I pointed out to my mom in the store. And since instead of just creating one wish list for my parents I now have to make one for my mother in-law and my husband too, I decided now was as good a time as any to make an entire board on pinterest dedicated to my christmas dreams! Here's a look at some of the items I've added & hope Santa will have wrapped for me under the tree come Christmas morning!

1. Necklace from The Golden Gardenia on Etsy - Link 
2. Marc Jacobs Honey Rollerball Fragrance from Sephora - Link 
3. Cottage White Traveler from Lori Leigh - Link 
4. Audrey Brooke Milano Suede Bootie from DSW - Link 
5. Women's Round Collar Fashion Stripe Sweater from Light In The Box - Link 
6. Double Wall Traveler from Starbucks - Link

So if you're looking for something to get me, don't look any further! You've found your answer right here! Do you have any tricks to helping your loved ones get you something you'll adore? What's on your wish list this year?
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  1. Well I try to tell my husband what I want, but he has a limited memory...SOOO pretty sure I'm gonna have to either Pinterest it up or email that not romantic?! Lol

  2. Yes, yes & yes to all of this! P-e-r-f-e-c-t! xoxo

  3. I want one of those travelers from Lori Leigh too!!

  4. Loving this wish list! I need to start my own this week!
    I nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  5. What a fun list, I LOVE the bracelet! Soooooo lovely!

  6. I love that necklace, booties, and sweater! Great list :)