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Things you just wouldn't understand . . .

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

This weekend we were over at a friends house just hanging out for the day, watching tv (since we don't have cable at our place) and just spending time together. We also kept ourselves entertained watching the neighbor spend hours trying to build a large boulder filled retaining wall across the back of his property. As we watched, our friend told us about the neighbor and his family. Apparently his wife is a blogger, and hearing my friend explain what he thought that meant or what it is she does got me thinking about the things you don't understand unless your a blogger, or married to one (or dating or engaged).

what is means to have followers who you don't know in real life, and the fact that no that isn't creepy, it's actually the goal

what you would even write about every day, and how some people do that for their full time job (this was what our friend couldn't understand)

how you could possibly make money blogging (another aspect he just had no idea how she accomplished this)

that Pinterest is basically run by bloggers, not people that work for the company that just scour the internet all day long looking for pictures

what works like pic monkey, passionfruit, blate, linkup, or swap actually mean

why you take so many pictures, especially of food

where you actually go when you hang out on someone's sidebar

how you get so many likes or followers on Instagram

why you have to have everything prepped at least 30 minutes before people come over so that you have time to document/photograph it all before people ruin it

why you go to every local event or new restaurant

how come you stand in your yard setting up your tripod and taking pictures of yourself all the time

Do your friends know or understand why you blog or what it means to be a blogger? It was so entertaining listening to mine talk about his professional blogger neighbor who somehow makes a living off of blogging by like selling her page or something like that so that she can just work from home all the time. I guess when you think about it, we are a little strange :)

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  1. Haha this list is great! Words like blate, passionfruit, and picmonkey would have meant nothing to me a year and a half, how times have changed :)

  2. I'm getting to the point where I need to start setting up the tripod for self photo shoots! For some reason I find this extremely embarrassing! Haha!

  3. haha.. I was shaking my head yes to this whole post :)

  4. Haha Yep, nailed it. I feel like a portion of my friends get it and some don't!

  5. Love this post!! Yes some people are so amazed by blogging- I didn't know hardly anything about it until I started doing it and it's such a great community. Ps. I know all those terms… except passionfruit? Please enlighten me :)

  6. This is perfect!! I don't think everyone understands, but I am starting to be okay it!!

  7. LOVE. This is perfect. Once when I told someone I was a blogger, she goes "OH! So that's a real thing?!" haha ;) It's not easy explaining to non-bloggers what it is you do, and then to have them take you seriously... but I also think that's what makes our "blogging tribes" so important! We have to keep encouraging each other! Go girl, go!