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Decorating The City

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Being the Christmas obsessed girl that I am, there are yearly traditions that I must follow whether it be getting a tree, looking at Christmas lights, or attending certain events, it just isn't the holidays until certain things occur. Every year I look forward to the Sunday after Thanksgiving, because it is the day that truly makes me feel like the holidays are officially here. I'm sure other people in our small town feel the same way about that special sunday, but over the last 8 years, it has taken on even more meaning.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is always known as decorate the city day. Dan gets up a little earlier, and heads to breakfast at a local church at 7am. Once everyone has eaten and all the directions for the day have been given, the firefighters with the help of some local companies head up to put all the decorations up around town. From wreaths on light poles to lights on tall trees, by the end of the morning, the holiday's are exuding from all the way through town. They also spend time putting lights on the station and adding a little christmas cheer inside and out!

Hanging a wreath on one of the light poles
Hanging one of the scrolls and candles that hang throughout town 
Hanging lights on the station

After all the lights have been hung, our fire department family all gathers for a holiday dinner (or lunch since it's only about 1) and enjoys turkey, stuffing, potatoes and all the other holiday meal necessities together. There are only a few times throughout the year that we all share a meal together, so each one is special.
We set up tables throughout the engine bays and all eat together before moving the rigs back in. This was before we all ate, I forgot to get a picture of everyone eating all together. 

Once we've all eaten, toy land is set up at the station. This room is used throughout the next month to wrap gifts for local community members, mainly local children who might not otherwise get a christmas if it wasn't for the Toy and Joy program. After toy land is set up, throughout the month of December, three nights a week different community members and the fire department family will gather and wrap toys to be delivered on Christmas Eve.
Before setting up all the toys

And After . . . this is just one side of the room

While the holidays can be a crazy busy time around the department, being all together and giving back makes this time of year even more special. And you definitely won't find me complaining about getting to spend more time with my cute fireman, especially in those turnouts!

What is something special that you do every year that makes you feel like the holidays are officially here? 
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  1. This is soooo cool! I love the idea of the toy room!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. this is amazing. i had no idea that the local firefighters decorate the towns! I wonder if its the same in mine. the toyland room looks amazing. just thinking from a child's eyes how magical it is!!

    p.s. you look FAB in the vest and where is that scarf from!!!!

  3. How cool!! Look at all of those toys, how neat.

  4. How sweet! Small towns really do look out for each other and the well being of the town! I love it.