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Here's the scoop . . . where we're at with our house building adventure

Thursday, December 11, 2014

I've gotten lots of questions basically anywhere I go about our home. I guess I can't complain much seeing as how I filled you blogger feed for a while with all things new house. And now that it's been silent for a while, I should expect people to still wonder. Everywhere I go whether its in my email, at work, or even at the grocery store people are curious what the heck is up with our new house . . . and frankly I'm feeling the same way! There's all this talk of a new place and then no pictures or info is given and it just makes us wonder more! So here's the scoop . . .

I'm still driving by daily . . . confession, I went by 3 times on Saturday. We did our walk through with our realtor and two builders last Thursday to try to mark all the things that still need to be fixed so that we can hurry this process along as fast as possible. Our current hold up is still the road and sidewalks. We know that when we move in the road won't be finished, or even paved for that matter. But in order for the city to grant us temporary occupancy, basically in order for them to say it's okay for us to even live there, the curbs and sidewalks have to be finished as well as the landscaping. So here we sit and wait. . . . Now nearly two months to the day passed when it was supposed to be finished. I daily drive by and look at a nearly finished home on the inside and a constant state of chaos on the outside.

The inside is everything I had hoped for! I tend to have these visions in my head of how I want things to look, which my husband has a hard time understanding until it's in front of him. Let's just say we are both happy with how my vision came to life! Every time I go over, it gets even more difficult to get me to leave. I'm almost convinced that no one would notice if I just move an air mattress into our master closet . . . and given a few more days that may actually be where you find me. But c'mon, tell me you wouldn't want to move in with a kitchen that looks like this . . .

One of our builders actually joked last week that if we were unhappy with how the house had turned out that they could start over. I quickly squashed that idea because I am pretty sure neither my husband or I could survive this entire process all over again. So here I sit, and wait for that day that we finally get keys and the okay to move in. I'm just praying that it's soon and before the holidays, especially since I currently have a party scheduled for our new home on December 20th, and that date is quickly approaching! So if you find me sitting outside your home staring at all your amazing Christmas decorations, don't worry, it's only because I am missing everything holiday in my own home!

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  1. What a gorgeous kitchen! So beautiful, I'm loving that long island! Good luck on getting in soon!

  2. I love the kitchen!! What an amazing island. :) That's kind of funny that you can't move in until the curbs and sidewalks are done, but the road doesn't need to be paved.

  3. So so sorry this has been such a crummy experience! Hopefully, and I think it will be, it'll all be worth it in the end :) Your kitchen is just gorgeous!

  4. At least the kitchen is beautiful!! :)
    I'm keeping you in my thoughts. I hope you get to move in SOON!!

  5. Can I just say that your kitchen looks like it belongs in a magazine! I mean wow!

  6. holy moly, that kitchen is beyond gorgeous. i can't believe how calm (you seem via writing) about this. I know inside your blood is probably boiling. that sounds like the most frustrating situation!!! but just know, it will be worth it when you finally do get the keys in move in. i hope you do prior to your party!!!! fingers crossed.

  7. Your kitchen is amazing! Totally gorgeous? Do you guys have a new target date? How long will it take to get the residency permit?

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  8. Uhhhh! How terribly frustrating! And so silly that you have to wait for something like curbs?! Well, hopefully you and your hubby will be able to wake up Christmas morning in your new house :) it looks stunning!