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It's Finally Time . . . Kitchen Reveal

Thursday, January 29, 2015

So remember how I spent from May until December posting constantly about our new home and then I suddenly just stopped and left you all hanging after announcing we finally got the keys. Well I figured it was about time to give you a better look at our new home!

When making all of our choice selections for our new home, the kitchen was the one room in the house I spent the most time envisioning. I knew exactly what I was hoping for in an end product, and I honestly couldn't be happier with the results. When meeting with the surface company to pick out our countertops, backsplash and flooring I had a picture saved on my phone that I was hoping to bring to life in our new home. I quickly shared that vision with the person helping us and we were on our way to bringing it to life. Here's what some of the inspiration looked like (the larger picture on the left is the actual image from Parade of Homes that I brought with me to our selection meeting).

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From those images and ideas . . . I bring you our kitchen!

Watching a home get built day after day, you can forget how far it's come and how quickly everything really took shape. One of the best things about building our own home (aside from getting to pick EVERYTHING out) was getting to drive by and see the progress on a weekly daily basis. And I think we were most excited to see our kitchen come together. We wanted our kitchen to be the center of the home, the place where people hung out, and a place where we could host and entertain all of our favorite people. I truly couldn't be happier with the end result!

We went with Hickory flooring, granite tile countertops, painted cabinets and stainless steal appliances. When I envisioned our kitchen I knew I wanted something bright and clean and white cabinets were something I dreamed about from the start of our planning process.
After a bad experience at one of the lighting/fixture businesses, we made the decision to purchase all of our own lighting, which meant physically buying and storing every light in the home until the electrician was ready to install them. I am so glad we decided to do this throughout the home, because we truly got the lighting we wanted and were able to shop around for the best deal for what we were looking for. 
Our pendant lights in the kitchen were purchased from Restoration Hardware

I love sitting and enjoying my cup of tea at the island every morning. Cup from Anthropologie

When I saw this sign at Pier 1 I just had to have it for our new home! 

I wanted to add touches of teal and mint green as accents throughout the kitchen so I used the floral face from Anthropologie (they don't have this vase anymore but you can find others on their site) and the teal insulator and lightning rod from my grandparents home to bring in some color and history to the window sill. 
The first couple pieces of decor for the kitchen I bought ended up right next to each other on the counter. This awesome clock from World Market, and my favorite, this Etsy Print
I wanted to try to keep the counters fairly clean, but obviously there were a few things that needed to be out and ready to be used for cooking. 
When I found the mason jar themed collection at World Market, I just knew those were the perfect accent for the kitchen and went a little crazy putting everything in that collection on my Christmas/new home wishlist. Thankfully, my Mom knows me well and helped make my counter super pretty with it all! 
I was looking for a fun way to store our fruits and vegetables, so when I came across this metal basket at World Market, it was the perfect solution! 
The perfect place to put our cookbooks (hopefully that will help keep them a little cleaner when my husband is baking) I found at World Market
Lastly, the corner needed a little color! So I added my favorite cookie jar from World Market, and a pretty vase from Anthropologie that I had used to decorate in our previous home. 

We used Ferguson's for all of our surface purchases so they helped us with countertops, flooring, and backslashes. While this was one of the most overwhelming meetings just due to all the decisions that needed to be made, they were awesome to work with and made the whole experience really painless and fun! Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if you're wondering about a specific piece or color. I will be off daydreaming in my kitchen until then! 

Walls: We used Agreeable Gray (SW 7029) from Sherwin Williams
Flooring:Ferguson's Are floors are floating floors made from Hickory Hardwood
Cabinets: Beaudry's This is a local company that we used but our cabinet color is Alabaster White from Sherwin Williams
Trim: Alabaster White from Sherwin Williams
Backsplash: Ferguson's For our backsplash we did a combination of the Lucente Glass Collection and an Off White Subway Tile
Lighting: Purchased from several different places
Pendant Lights: Restoration Hardware
Home Sweet Home Sign: Pier 1
Mason Jar Themed Cookie Jar: World Market
Mason Jar Decor: World Market
Wire Cookbook Holder: World Market
Blue Wire Basket: World Market
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