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And the weeks just keep flying by

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm still trying to get used to doing these bump dates and weekly posts and after doing a couple of them in the sort of "standard" format, I decided it just wasn't me. So you'll still get some updates, but just a little more "me" version of them.

I feel like the weeks have been going by really quickly lately. I was 18 weeks yesterday and I still can't believe it. Up until 13 weeks I just kept counting down till we could tell everyone and until we were in the 2nd trimester, but now that we've reached those mile stones, the weeks don't seem to take as long to pass. Although it could be April 12th tomorrow and I would be thrilled, since that's when we will find out if this little one is a boy or a girl.

I think the time has been passing a little quicker because I am starting to feel more pregnant, practically as the days pass. It's starting to get more difficult to get comfortable at night (I'm loving my body pillow) and I notice myself needing to get up from my desk more often throughout the day just to stretch a bit. But feeling more pregnant is something that made the first trimester way more difficult. When you don't look pregnant, and you can't see any bump or feel the baby kick, it's easy to wonder if everything is alright all the time. Now it's way easier to see the bump and to find the little one's heartbeat with the doppler so it all feels much more real. I still can't believe that in a little over two weeks we will know what we're having, but I couldn't be more excited. It's getting more and more difficult to walk through the store and not want to buy all the little girl or little boy clothes I can find. Dan is in trouble once we know what this baby is! If you feel like guessing too, make sure you check out the survey on the right side of my page under my photo to make your guess!

I've been spending lots of time on pinterest trying to come up with ideas for our reveal party. We decided that we would find out what we are having with our family and close friends. So even though our ultrasound is Friday April 10th, we will wait to find out until Sunday the 12th with our family. My mom thinks I'm crazy and has no idea how I'm going to be able to wait two more days, but I'm excited to all be able to find out together. We've been getting several packages a week with different items for the reveal and decor items to finish some of the rooms in the house before we find out what we're having and have to jump in to nursery planning and baby prep mode!

Other than that, life is keeping us really busy. Still trying to get the house all put together before the party and start thinking about the nursery and registries and all that goes along with that. We are almost done with the back yard so I'll share some of those updates hopefully next week. With everything we have going on, it definitely helps the time pass quickly! It feels so good to be getting so much done and I'm really in disbelief that I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy already! I'm working on putting together some posts on items I've found really useful so far in my pregnancy if any other ladies would be interested, just let me know!

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