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Bring Back Spring Break . . . Without the Homework!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Between working at a University where nearly everyone is out this week to seeing my news feed on every social media platform where everyone and their grandmother is on spring break this week, it really makes me miss the days where you got a week or two off to go somewhere warm and come back with a tan and fun stories. So while I sit at work all week with very few visitors and my coworker and everyone else is enjoying their spring trip, I figured I would look back on some of my past spring break trips to make me feel a little less sad about my week.

This was the first spring break of college and the first spring Dan and I were together. We rented a house at the beach for a week with my family and enjoyed lots of walks, laughs and games together. While it wasn't necessarily warm or the type of beach where you can work on your tan, it was a really fun trip together. We still all talk about trying to go back to that same house sometime, so clearly 8 years later we all really enjoyed it.

We decided that we wanted to go somewhere, but couldn't go far, so another trip to the Oregon coast it was. This time we decided to check out a new town I had never been to, Astoria. This happens to be the place that the movie Goonies was filmed. Since we didn't know much about the town we enjoyed a trolly tour and a couple museums and a ship tour during our couple days away.

By this time in college I was taking 20 credits a term and definitely in need of a break. We took the entire week, drove 18 hours to San Diego and enjoyed a 5 day cruise to Cabo. Besides the ridiculous amount of time in the car, I really enjoyed my first cruise and our second trip to Cabo San Lucas.

This was my final year in college, so to celebrate nearly being done I took a girls trip to Vegas with two friends who both happened to be named Amy. It was my first time in Vegas and such a nice getaway in the sun. The main reason for the trip, besides celebrating being almost done with school was to see John Mayer and Keith Urban in concert together. Between the fun concert, sight seeing, tasty drinks and time by the pool it was a fun girls getaway!

While I wouldn't want to go back to college with all the homework, studying and class time, I definitely miss that week off and of course summer break when I'm around students all day long. But I'll just continue to look forward to our Vegas Babymoon planning for May. I just hope time passes quickly between now and then or you may find me spending lots of time looking back on these photos with a glass of wine sparkling cider in my hand! Where were your favorite spring break trips to?
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