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Telling Our Loved Ones

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I'm a dreamer and a planner to my core, so you can bet I had thought about how to tell all my closest friends and family when the day finally came that we were expecting.

When we found out on December 17th, I knew I couldn't make it through my birthday AND Christmas without telling my parents and brother. They were so much fun to tell. We decided to tell them on Christmas Eve as we were opening presents since my Mom had to work Christmas day. We waited to have both my parents open a gift till the very last gifts of the day. Waiting was the worst part, but the reaction was priceless! The funny part of the day was that my brother had given Dan & Me two baby books as a joke for part of our Christmas gift, so he was pretty excited when he found out just how perfect his gift was. I couldn't be more blessed with the amazing parents and brother that I have and I cannot wait for my child to grow up with them in their lives.

A few days after we told my parents, we decided that we wanted to tell two of our best friends. We had found out very early on in their pregnancy that they were expecting and we wanted to share this time with them too. We invited them over for dinner and gave them a present to open shortly after they arrived. We wrapped up one of our own bottles of wine with this note on it. They were so excited for us, and had even suspected that we might be pregnant, and we spent the rest of the night talking about kids and babies and all the fun memories we are going to share together!
Telling my Mother In-Law was something Dan and I both thought about a lot. We wanted to do something special for her, but weren't sure exactly what that would be. We decided to do something similar and give her a onesie that said Grandma's Favorite on it. It may have taken her a couple seconds to figure out why we were giving her that gift, but it was really fun to see her get excited about our surprise.

Finally, I knew some of the first family I wanted to tell were my Mom's siblings and their spouses. So one Saturday evening when they were both home, we called them up and put them on speakerphone. We still weren't telling most people yet, so it was fun to be able to share the news. Even though they don't live close by, I am so excited and thankful that my kids will grow up with them in their lives.

Sharing the News of Baby Boyes 2015 from Libby Boyes on Vimeo.

Sharing the news has been so much fun, but nerve wracking at the same time. I didn't want to share with too many people until we made it close to 12 weeks. But now that we are almost 15, I am glad we are finally able to tell everyone! I'm so glad we decided to tape and document some of our favorite people's reactions to our pregnancy & can't wait to document it all along the way!
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  1. That is so awesome!! I always love seeing people's reactions to baby news :)

  2. That video is priceless! I LOVE the way you told your family and friends!

  3. Love the video! Your brother's reaction is great! I love how long it takes people to "realize" what they're being told!

  4. So much fun!!! I love people capture these moments now. What a fun thing to show your child one day :)

  5. I have been scheming ways to share a pregnancy (when we are in fact pregnant) for what seems like years. I cannot wait to one day be able to share that news with my favorite loved ones:) Congrats to y'all!

  6. How cute! I am so happy for you and so excited that we are on the same track :) YAY for August babies!

  7. Such fun ways that you told our family and friends! I love that you got some of them on video :)