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Bumpdate Update - 20 Weeks

Friday, April 17, 2015

Week: 20 - I'm really 21 as of yesterday, but I've been updating a week later so I can recap the week

Total Weight Gain - About 7 pounds so far

Gender - A Girl!!

Symptoms - Trouble sleeping and staying asleep, feeling more winded when I get up to do stuff,

Cravings - I've been really craving more sweets lately and have been loving a little bit of sweetness in Cliff Bars. I've been trying just to use those as a snack at work when I really want something sweet so that I am still getting some protein and not just reaching for the chocolate.

Sleep - This has definitely been hit or miss the last week or so. One night I'll sleep good and the next I will be up on and off all night. My mom says that it's just preparing me for what lies ahead and it seems to be that our little girl will want to wake up at 5am every morning

Clothes - Definitely loving maternity pants, but still wearing some non maternity tops. I am most comfortable in dresses or skirts though, so I am looking forward to the weather warming up a bit so I can wear more of those to work

Workouts - This week I have definitely been lacking and need to get my butt out the door and at least fit in a few walks, although between running lots of errands, being busy at work and registering, I have definitely gotten my steps in

Nursery - Just starting to add a few more things and really starting to plan now that we know it's a girl. I will share some of my inspiration photos soon.

Movement - This little girl loves to move around and kick. It seems like anytime I'm really sitting still she's moving or kicking, which is why we had such a hard time getting all the images needed at our ultrasound last week. But I'm not complaining because that just means we get to go back and see her again in a couple weeks!

Best Moment This Week - Definitely finding out that our little baby was a girl and getting to share that experience with our friends and family.

Missing - being able to sleep on my stomach! I feel like I am having a tougher time getting comfortable at night and definitely missing my normal sleeping positions!

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  1. Lookin' good! I'm with you in the back and forth sleep department. Excited to see what you put together for your little girls nursery!

  2. OVER HALF WAY THERE!!! YAY! I love that last picture of you. It needs to be framed and put in her nursery!

  3. Lookin' good mama! Those tulips are so beautiful! I agree with Morgan - total frame worthy! Hopefully the sleep gets a little better, at least before you're woken up at all hours of the night with a precious little girl. :)

  4. Those photos are so cute!!! Have you picked a name yet?