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The only time I'd pay to have my house egged - A FUN fundraiser

Friday, April 10, 2015

In the fast paced life we all live in, time is a hot commodity. I'm always trying to prioritize the things I say yes to and really protect my free time, especially with the new addition to our family coming in the end of August. One of the events that I always try to make room in my schedule for is participating in our local Relay For Life event. When I was a staff partner, I fell in love with the event, the camaraderie, the feeling of helping so many individuals struggling with cancer, and the people involved in planning and organizing the whole thing. Of course my involvement is also motivated by the fact that I have had several close family members who have battled cancer and many close friends. No matter the cause or the reason behind your volunteering, I think we all have an event that is close to our hearts.

Each year at the event I am amazed by the amount some teams and some individuals are able to fundraise. And every year, I tell myself that I will raise more next year. I've seen firsthand how that money helps individuals, and I always know I can do more. But I hate picking up the phone, knocking on people's doors, or sending an email just asking for a donation. Even though as staff I did that, I enjoy fundraisers where people get something in return for their donation. So this year, I found an awesome idea online and ran with it!

We used social media to really promote our fundraiser. I posted it on each of our facebooks, had the Relay For Life page post it, and shared it on the community info pages. We got a great response and ended up raising over $400 in just our first year and have people who have already signed up for next year! I ended up ordering our eggs pre-filled with candy, and added more pieces to the eggs once we received them so that we could add a little more variety.

Not only was this an awesome fundraiser with fairly minimal effort, we also had a ton of fun hiding eggs in people's yards in the dark the night before Easter. Many families didn't know that someone else had paid to egg their yard, so I would have loved to see their faces on Easter morning.

We had one home owner say that this was the only time she would pay for her house to get egged. 

When we were done with each house, we would leave this thank you note on their door so just in case they didn't know they were getting egged, they had some idea what it was for and also just an extra thank you for helping us fundraise.

I am always looking for new and creative ideas to help fundraise, but also ones that are FUN for the team to put on. I've pinned lots of ideas that can be found on this Pinterest board, but I'm always looking for more. What have been your most successful fundraisers?
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