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Weeks 21-22 Bumpdate

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Week: 21 & 22 since I got behind and don't want to bombard you with multiple bumpdate posts. I am going to start posting these every Wednesday so I am on more of a schedule and it will end up being posted on the last day of whichever week I'm on since I start a new week on Thursdays

Total Weight Gain: between 8-9 pounds based on our at home scale. This seems to fluctuate a bit but is also pretty consistent with the doctors office.

Gender: A Little Girl! We finally choose a name this past week and have had so much fun talking about her by name now (although we are still keeping this a secret from everyone till she's born)

Symptoms: Feeling much more tired this week, but keeping active which is helping.

Cravings: Definitely more sweets as of late. I find myself every evening wanting something sweet, usually ice cream. I may need to start buying sherbet or yogurt to try to make it at least a little healthier. Or better yet, I'll start making my homemade banana ice cream and share a recipe with all of you while I'm at it!

Sleep: This seems to be hit or miss. Some nights are good and other's not so much. It usually depends on how many times I wake up to either use the bathroom, readjust my body pillow or because the little girl is having a dance party in my stomach.

Clothes: Definitely more maternity clothes! I've invested in a few more items from Pink Blush Maternity & Old Navy. Some days I feel like my bump is really pronounced and other's not so much.

Workouts: Staying on track this week. My goal has been to get out and go for walks at least 4-5 times a week and I hit that this past week. I am also using my Nike Fuel Band to help track my steps and trying to hit my Fuel Goal each day! And as you can tell from the photo above, Dan and I also got out and went on a hike this weekend which was fun, but definitely wore me out!

Nursery: This room is coming along a lot faster than we thought it would! We picked out and purchased her bedding along with the crib mattress and protector. We are using the same changing table/dresser that we used when my brother was little so Dan sanded that this week and we will paint it and add new drawer knobs before moving it into the nursery. I also picked out some color swatches to use when out searching for other decor and for the painting my dad will do in the nursery.

Movement: ALL THE TIME! And Dan finally felt her move a little this week which was really fun. I can definitely tell she's getting stronger and bigger because her kicks are becoming stronger and stronger. I'd be lying if I said it doesn't make me a little nervous for how strong she's going to get and how the kicks are going to feel in a few weeks.

Best Moment This Week: We got to see her again for our repeat ultrasound since she was moving around too much and in the wrong position last time!

Missing: Sleeping on my stomach, this has been a hard adjustment for me. I'm also missing all the cute summer clothes that are coming out that I can't buy, but I'm making up for it by buying adorable little girl outfits and some maternity pieces to get me through the summer.

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  1. You look beautiful! I'm so excited that you picked a name, and I love that you are keeping it a secret. I'm so bad at keeping (my own) secrets, so I don't think I would ever be able to do that! haha Also, I'm totally with you on those sweet cravings. I find that I crave sweets the most at night after dinner. I need to find a healthy substitute that still satisfies my craving.

  2. The stronger kicks totally hit home with me this week! I'm getting a little anxious about them hurting more soon too! Good for you for getting your workouts in! You're doing great there! Wish I could say the same about me! Ha!