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Your guess is as good as mine

Thursday, April 9, 2015

It seems like from the moment we started telling people we were expecting the questions started flowing. Everyone wanted to know what we thought the baby was and if we had a really strong feeling either way. Both Dan and I have always talked about really wanting a little girl, but the moment we found out we were pregnant, I couldn't get passed the thought of just wanting a healthy baby.

Around 12 weeks we started talking about names. We had never had any real conversations before getting pregnant about what we would name our children, so it felt like we were starting from square one. Early on we decided that while we wanted to share whether or not it was a boy or a girl, we were going to save the name as a surprise until the baby was born. So in three days we will get to share with everyone whether our new little addition will be a boy or a girl.

For weeks I've been trying to decide what this little peanut is. Boy or Girl? You can research all the old wives tales or do all the fun games to try to make the best guess, but until the ultrasound tech officially tells you, or you pop that balloon or cut into that cake it's all just a guess. So I thought it would be fun, along with the poll I have on the side of my page to get all of your guesses. But instead of just letting you take a random guess, here's a few old wives tales I put together to help you make your guess.

It might also be helpful to know that we've only really been able to pick names for a boy and it took us the longest time to think of any ideas or themes for a girl nursery, all we could think of was boy stuff. I also had a dream a few weeks ago that the baby was here and it was a girl. I'm really all over the place and at this point wouldn't be surprised with either. And like I said, all I truly want is a healthy baby! 

So what do you think? Boy or Girl? Will blue or pink confetti be coming out of that balloon on Sunday? You can bet I will be more than ready to pop that balloon and let you all in on our excitement come next week! 
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  1. Well I was thinking boy, but by the looks of your answers I'm thinking I should switch my vote! Just a fewwwww more days until you know for sure!!

  2. Ok, so I can only compare you to myself and seeing that were almost opposite on everything (minus the morning sickness and high heart rate) I'm gonna vote boy! But every pregnancy is different, so I hope you get your little girl! :)

  3. GIRL! It just seems like if you can only think of boy stuff, it will be a girl. :)