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Hikes, Glides and Updates - Getting Back To Why I Started

Friday, May 1, 2015

It's usually customary for people to do weekend recaps on Monday, even Tuesday maybe, but definitely not on Friday. But who said I needed to follow a set of blogging rules. I feel like the past few months, I have felt more and more pressure on this blog to constantly share something thats pin worthy or that people can learn from, and I was slowly getting away from just sharing about me and life and what's been going on and what we've been up to, aside from all those pregnancy posts I've been spamming your news feed with. I'm on a mission to get away from the pressure of having a million pin worthy posts every day of the week, and get back to share the things I really like to read about too. While I like learning things from my fellow bloggers, I also just like hearing what they've been doing lately and how they are, so today I am going to do just that!

Last Saturday morning I was up early and wanting to do something with our day. On weekends where Dan has to work one of the days, I feel pressured to fit more in that one day off together. But instead of running errands and spending the day cleaning or working on something around the house, I wanted to get out and do something fun together. I know that we will still be able to do fun things once our little girl is here, but I also know that for a while it will be more difficult to do. So as soon as dan opened his eyes at 7:45, which I had so patiently been waiting for, I suggested we go on a hike before the weather turned crappy later that afternoon. Since he doesn't want to let his emotional pregnant wife down, he happily agreed, and by 8:30 we were on our way to Silver Falls.

The beginning of our hike
View from the top & beginning of the trail

Once you pass the first waterfall the trail continues on and has several incline and declines that leads you past a few more falls. I always get so in to our conversations on our hikes and the gorgeous views that I've gone farther than I realized or forgotten parts of the paths on our route. By the time I reach the point where I'm ready for the hike to be over, I've usually gone farther than anticipated and the shortest route to the finish is to just continue on the path. I suppose that helps me get more steps & miles in! 

It was nice to get out before most other people got there and enjoy a fairly quiet morning together. I always forget how beautiful this hike is and also how long it was. By about 4 miles in I was feeling it and realizing that my 22 week pregnant self just doesn't handle hikes as easily as before. And let's just say, by that evening, I could barely move from the couch. Part of that may have been me enjoying Dan taking care of me . . . just kidding, I was unfortunately embarassingly sore! But I was glad we did it! I can get so focused on what I have to get done and how to fit as much as possible into the days we have off together that I forget to just enjoy the time, and that's exactly what we did on Saturday!
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  1. Holy beautiful!!! I love that you're getting back to you, I have noticed a shift in blogging as well with what are almost guidelines.

  2. What a pretty hike! Good for you for hiking at 22 weeks pregnant! I know I didn't do ANYTHING when pregnant...:)

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous. What a beautiful hike! An don't worry about the standards imposed by others. This is your space, and I enjoy your posts, pinworthy or not!

  4. Gorgeous photos! You both look so happy! I'm so glad you are taking your blog back. It's your space, you make the rules.

  5. I feel like we are friends already, I love the outdoors! haha and that place looks ammmmmazing! ANd I totally know what you mean, sometimes Im like "k what can I blog about that will please people" and then I remember that I started blogging in the first place for myself, not for strangers! So props to you :) you're foing awesome!

    Candace | Lovely Little Rants