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Things You Should Never Do At A MLB Game

Thursday, May 7, 2015

It's no secret that I love baseball. Braves baseball to be exact. And because of this, I've been to my share of Major League Baseball games. At each one of those dame, I always notice the same things, and they drive me crazy each and every time. So to save my own sanity, and your humiliation, I decided to share some of the things you shouldn't do when attending an MLB game.

Don't wear another teams gear who isn't even playing in the game you're attending. So you may just be there for the crackerjacks and beer (and view of guys in baseball pants) and I wouldn't blame you if you were, but just because you're at a baseball game doesn't mean you HAVE to sport some sort of teams gear. Instead, try a plain t-shrt and jeans or shorts. This way you'll look and feel comfortable without being overdressed, and it also saves you from looking like you forgot which game you were attending.

Along the same lines, never wear heels! You're going to be walking up and down stairs from your seat to the concessions, or from near the field for batting practice to your seat and all over the stadium, so trust me when I say heels will not be your best friend. Go with sneakers or sandals, and you'll get a lot less ridiculous looks and far fewer blisters.

Don't bring a poster board sized sign asking a player to marry you. I was at a Seattle Mariners vs Atlanta Braves game a few summers ago where a girl did this and proceeded to scream at Chipper Jones trying to get him to come over to give her a kiss. He was so uncomfortable he wouldn't even look towards the crowd, let alone come over to sign any autographs. Thanks girl, you ruined it for the rest of us!

Refrain from consuming too many beers before the 7th inning stretch. It's really a shame to have to watch you get kicked out in the bottom of the 1st inning because you've had so much to drink that you're acting like a fool and screaming cuss words at the players after a 3 up and 3 down inning. It's embarrassing for you, its obnoxious for us, and it's really hard on your wallet. Those $10 beers should be enjoyed if you're going to spend that much! If you are going to just drink your way through the game, let me suggest you buy the cheapest tickets you can and just hang out in the beer garden if the stadium you're attending has one. It really makes no sense to buy 5th row seats on the third base line if you're going to spend more time walking around getting beers and in the restroom than actually in your seats watching the game.

Everyone loves to get close to the field and watch batting practice and try to get some of your favorite player's autographs. But don't think that by taunting them or yelling at them that it's going to help you, or anyone around you get any signatures. And if you're really interested in getting some autographs, maybe hold off on the beer till after batting practice is over. You'll have your hands free to hold your baseball and pen in case someone comes over, and you'll still have plenty of time to grab your beer before the game starts.

And the Things you should absolutely do . . . 

Photobomb people!
Try the signature food or drink at the ballpark you're at - they all have their own special treat! (Safeco Field in Seattle is known for the garlic fries)

Always Root for the Braves - ALWAYS!

So to all of those that have learned something before they attend their next game, I'm glad I could help. And to those of you who have been equally as irritated by people doing some or all of these things in the past, your welcome!

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