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Vegas Countdown

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Its been a while since Dan or I have had time off of work to really get away. Besides short three day weekends or an overnight at the beach, we haven't had a real vacation in over a year. With work being really busy for both of us, him more than me, and the weather here in Oregon still unsure of whether or not it wants to be winter or spring, we are both ready for a break.
After we found out we were pregnant, my mind quickly turned to baby moon ideas. While we are always up for a reason to take a trip, I knew I wanted to go somewhere before this party of 2 turns into a party of 3. After lots of research, we decided on Vegas. And though we've been there together before, sometimes you just can't beat the cheap airfare and inexpensive hotels. Plus add in the awesome pools, sunshine, fabulous restaurants and shows and you basically have us sold!

So next week after a couple days of work, we will be headed to sunny warm Las Vegas for a few days to bask in the sun and enjoy some time together. We are splitting our time between MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay for our hotel stays and pool hopping and hope to hit at least one show and couple nice dinners while we're there. And believe me, I'll have reviews on all of it when I return (as long as I can kick this photo taking slump I've been in the last few months). But if you see lots of photos that look like this one below on my Instagram next week, sorry (sort of).
But where are your must sees or must eats in Vegas? We've been there a few times before but I want to do something fun and different so I am open to lots of suggestions!


  1. Ahh! Have fun! We aren't taking a baby moon together but are taking trips before the baby arrives! I'm flying out to see my folks next week and chris went on a big fishing trip with the guys.

  2. Las Vegas is a favorite destination of mine, too. I live in San Francisco, and it's only an hour plane ride away, so I end up going almost every year.

    If you like all-you-can-eat buffets, you can't go wrong with Wicked Spoon in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Be sure to sign up for the Cosmopolitan's free rewards card on the first floor--you might be able to get some discounts. We got a 2-for-1 deal on dinner at Wicked Spoon just for signing up.

    Watching the free fountain show at the Bellagio is always a classic experience. It's more romantic to watch it at night, and also you'll avoid the glare of the hot Vegas sun.

    Have fun, Libby!


  3. Eeek! Have fun! I'm totally jealous! I've never been to Vegas, but would loooove to go!

  4. We just got back from there. Enjoy!

    We like going up in the Eiffel Tower; Cesaer's Forum shops; Hoover Dam; Red Rock Canyon is a pretty drive and usually a Cirque show.

    Have a great time.

  5. I LOVE VEGAS! There is so much to do and see. I highly suggest Brunch at Hash House A Go-Go on the strip, it get's super busy so get there early. The Cosmopolitan has an amazing buffet that I love and we did dinner at the Stratosphere, too, which was delicious.

    None food things would be the Bellagio fountains and seeing a show.

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