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Week 25 Bumpdate

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I promise to update you all with a 25 week photo when I get back from our baby moon, but wanted to make sure I got my 25 week bumpdate posted before I left! 

Week: 25 - She's the size of a head of cauliflower this week!

Total Weight Gain: hovering around 13 pounds

Symptoms: This week I feel like I got hit early with all the third trimester symptoms I'd been hearing about. I went from feeling pretty much normal, except for feeling bigger to definitely feeling more tired and achey. My parents both suggested that part of my problem could be that I haven't slowed down too much, and I'm sure they're right. Saturday I took advantage of a slower day and took a nap which I haven't done in months! I think it's going to be good for my and for my body to have a slower week this next week and vacation to help me relax and take some me time!

Cravings: Nothing really this week. I find myself hungry off and on but I can never really decide what I'm hungry for. These last couple weeks every time I eat chicken it tastes like some of the best food ever, so maybe our little girl is wanting some more protein!

Sleep: Some nights are great and others I toss and turn a lot. I'm still trying to keep myself from rolling over on to my stomach in the middle of the night out of habit. And when I do find myself sleeping on my stomach, our little girl is usually kicking me to wake me up, probably to let me know she'd like me to roll back on my side. I'm interested to see how sleeping while I'm traveling and pregnant goes.

Clothes: All maternity all the time!

Workout: This week I kept up our walks and logged about 20 miles. I'm trying to keep up with our nightly walks after work if the weather is nice and do longer walks on the weekends when we have the day off. On days I'm able to get out and log some miles I find myself less tired and achey.

Nursery: Adding a little here and there every week. This week we finally found the perfect night stand and light to add to the room and got the glider ordered (thanks to my amazing parents). We also purchased the paint we are going to use for the mural on her wall that my Dad will paint so it's slowly all coming together!

Movement: All the time! Dan is definitely starting to feel her even more which he's loving! On Saturday he was feeling her kick and he was able to feel her basically do a 180 in my belly. Her kicks are getting stronger and she seems to be practicing her acrobatics lately, which always make me smile.

Best Moment This Week: Heading out on our baby moon. We have both been busy between work and trying to get lots accomplished around the house so we are more than ready and excited for some time away! And some pool time and sunshine don't sound to bad either!

Missing: Being able to sleep on my stomach! And being able to enjoy a mimosa on our baby moon :)

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  1. I hope you two are having the best time ever on your babymoon!!