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Worries and My Journey

Monday, May 11, 2015

From even before I saw that window change from blank to pregnant, I worried about what my pregnancy might be like. I wondered if I'd gain a lot of weight,  if my blood pressure would cause complications and just how my overall pregnancy would go. I guess you could say I'm a worrier. But you probably wouldn't know that unless I told you, because I tend to keep it bottled up.

I've struggled with blood pressure issues for the past few years. When we first noticed it was high, I had every test you can think of done to pinpoint the cause. And after each and every test came back normal, I resorted to finding a low dose medication that would help keep it at a normal level and tried to remain as active and healthy as possible. At every doctors appointment, I'm always nervous to check my blood pressure, and can feel myself getting more and more anxious until I hear what it's at that day. And with every test or appointment, I leave feeling so relieved knowing everything is going well.

I've appreciated how forthcoming and informative my doctor has been throughout my pregnancy, letting me know of the risk factors associated with my blood pressure and taking extra precautions and performing extra tests to keep a close eye on everything. Obviously the health and wellbeing of my little girl and myself are the top priority, and its so reassuring to know the doctor feels the same way. I know that all I can do is try to be as healthy as possible throughout this pregnancy, but the worrier in me sometimes takes over. You hear over and over that becoming a parent is the most amazing experience because you never realized how much you can love someone else, and I think I'm really starting to understand what they mean. Getting the call that my glucose and blood tests all came back normal after my Friday appointment made tears come to my eyes. I sit and worry about things that could possibly go wrong, when I should really just be focused on what's in my control.

One of the things I decided early on in my pregnancy is that I wanted to be as active and healthy as possible. While I'm not out running any half marathons, or even 5ks for that matter, I try to go for walks at least 4-5 times a week logging a minimum of 12 extra miles a week. I've increased my water a ton, and have tried to watch the food and drinks I consume. But overall, the thing that has helped the most has really been just my awareness of my health. I'm thankful that everything has been going so well, that my blood pressure and weight are doing great and that our little girl is healthy at every check up. I will start having ultrasounds to check her growth every 4 weeks until she's born due to risks associated with my blood pressure, and I can't say I mind getting to see her more often!

Each and every pregnancy is different, and while people comment to me all the time on how great I look, unless they know me well they don't know about my blood pressure or other high risk conditions I may be dealing with. I'm thankful it has all been going so well up until this point, and hoping that if I keep monitoring everything and continuing to be as healthy as possible it will continue until our little girl is here. This experience has taught me a lot about my health, what other women might go through and the stresses and emotions you can deal with even before your child is here. I'm thankful for this experience and for the support and care I've gotten from my doctor, friends, family and most importantly from Dan.

Have you had to deal with any risks during pregnancy? Do you find yourself nervous before appointments? How have you dealt with those nerves or worries?

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  1. Due to my busy as heck end of the school year, I missed this post. Boo. But I think it's normal to have worries and concerns, but you're so lucky to have a great support system with your doctor, husband and family. I know one thing for sure though - you're going to be one heck of a mama! :)