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How to get a $2500 hotel room for $115 and other upgrade tips!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

If you missed my post last week about our babymoon to Las Vegas and the amazing trip we had, check it out here. We'll wait for you. Okay, so now that you've all read that, you saw the amazing suite we were upgraded to. We went from a room that cost an average of $115 a night, to a room that cost close to $2,500 a night. Now I don't claim to be an expert on upgrades, and honestly we are pretty much amateurs and just had complete dumb luck, but I figured I'd share our experience with the hopes that maybe one of the things we did would help you out too, or maybe you'd just get lucky like us!
For our babymoon I decided that instead of just booking the normal base room, that it might be nice to have something a little newer and more recently upgraded. Let's face it, I'd probably be taking at least a couple naps during the day and spending less time at the pool or the bar than on a normal trip to Las Vegas so the minimal up-charge would be worth it. So I booked the next step up from their standard king room. When we went to check in to our hotel, at 11pm I might add, there was barely anyone in the lobby, which is extremely rare for MGM. We walked right up to the counter and gave the hotel worker all of our information to get all checked in. We were tired, dirty from traveling and just ready for bed!

She asked us to fill out some documents, told me to write down the name of my boyfriend and his contact information so that he could charge things to the room and was surprised to find out he was actually my husband. She asked us how long we'd been married, if we had stayed at MGM before, and if we had any kids. We told her it was our babymoon and that we were expecting our first child in August. She chatted away as she clicked through her computer to get us all checked in. While she was typing, I figured I'd ask to see if there was any way we could get a room on a higher floor. I'd stayed there before in a room on a lower level and was surprised how much road noise you could hear from our room. As I asked, Dan piped in and added "or if you have any free upgrades" . . .

I was totally expecting her to say she didn't have an upgrade but could get us a good floor, when she started to smile and actually thanked us for asking about an upgrade. She walked away for a minute, handed a piece of paper to her manager and came back to the desk explaining the manager would take a look and be with us shortly. As we waited, for what seemed like way longer than I figured a simple upgrade would take, the front desk lady chatted with us about the weather, Calvin Harris who was apparently checking in behind us, and the fact that Taylor Swift and him were dating and how we well she had done at a recent awards show. The whole time I was just thinking how much time this was taking and that I didn't think a simple upgrade would need this long to get approved.

Finally the manager was finished. She handed the hotel attendant our room number and she turned to us and smiled. She told us she was sure we'd like our room and that she wouldn't tell us what we were given but that she would let us be surprised. We thanked her, headed to the elevators and to our room. We figured we'd just been given a corner room that was a little larger or a better view when we realized our room was at the very end of the long halls of the MGM hotel. But much to our surprise, we were given the most expensive suite in the hotel. At $2500 a night, on a weeknight, this room was amazing!!! We were in awe of where WE were getting to stay and how the heck we were given such a nice room.

This is the view we opened our room door to . . . at first glance, we knew we'd been given a HUGE upgrade

The living room area of the suite
 The mini bar
 A view of the two story chandelier and staircase upstairs
Two views of the amazing bathroom complete with a tv in the mirror, steam shower & Jacuzzi tub - and this was just one of the bathrooms as there was a half bath downstairs as well

The master bedroom with a view of the strip from the bed
 The 500 square foot patio that overlooked the strip
The view during the day of the strip from the patio

So what do I think helped us get the upgrade? Besides the fact that we've had other completely crazy vacations like our honeymoon or our second honeymoon and it was about time for us to have a good traveling experience, well I think there were a few things that worked in our favor.

We checked in at 11pm at night, so the hotel knew what rooms were booked and being used for the night and how much vacancy they had. We didn't plan our arrival time around the possibility of an upgrade, but I definitely think your chances are better the later in the day it gets. We were also checking in on a Tuesday night and only staying for two nights so the hotel didn't have to give up a room on a weekend night that would be in higher demand or more expensive.

Become A Loyalty Member
It's free to sign up for either the M Life card or the Total Rewards card for the different hotels and it helps to track your points and where and when you've stayed in Vegas. This was my third time staying at MGM and it never hurts for the hotel to see you've come back several times. You can use your loyalty card when gambling, eating at restaurants and anytime you purchase something at one of those hotels. As your points add up, hotels are more likely to offer you upgrades or send you special offers. Its free for you and gets you discounts . . . a win/win in my book! And you don't have to have a million points either. Dan proved this by only having 4 points when he checked the balance on his card. Clearly we're high rollers.

Look Cute 
Okay so maybe this had nothing to do with us getting an upgrade, but I'll let myself think that it helped that we were a young couple celebrating our first child. But don't think you have to be all dressed up and fancy. I proved this by wearing a t-shirt and jeans with my hair up and looking exhausted an pregnant after working all day and then traveling. But we are a young cute married couple and I am pregnant so I'm sure that helped. Don't burst my bubble, okay?

As soon as Dan asked if they had any room upgrades, the attendant thanked us. If you don't ask, you'll never know if they have anything and they probably won't just give you something if you don't ask. You won't always get an upgrade, but it's sure worth it for the times that they do. When we switched hotels later in the week we asked for an upgrade but were told there weren't any, but instead were given the choice on which side of the hotel we were on and given a higher floor. So it pays to ask.

So there you have it. Maybe what worked for us will work for you, or maybe we hit the one in a million jackpot the night we checked in. Either way, it's a fun memory to have and always worth asking when you're checking in! Do you have any awesome upgrade stories or tips? Please share any tips you have, because now that we've lived like a celebrity, we've become pretty spoiled and might not be able to travel the same ever again!


  1. That is so awesome! What an amazing room. Will definitely try asking for a free upgrade the next time I stay at a hotel... it certainly doesn't hurt :)

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  2. That room is ridiculously nice! Such a cool upgrade!

  3. oh my gosh that is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! and any convos that have to do with Taylor Swift are always good ones haha I love her! but wow that upgrade was seriously so nice of MGM!! I am using your tips next time I stay somewhere cause wow. so jealous! My husbands birthday was this year and I booked online for a Hilton sister hotel and in the notes box I told them it was a surprise for my husbands birthday and anything extra special would be so appreciated! When I got there to secretly check in, I asked if they had upgrades available and they noted that they had already upgraded us for free! so I think having a special occasion totally helps!!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  4. So cool! I can't believe that upgrade! Crazy awesome.

  5. I would have squealed if I stepped foot in that room, amazing!!!

  6. That is an amazing upgrade!!

  7. Woohoo!!! I still think it's absolutely awesome that you got the upgrade!!!

  8. Girl that is amazing- what a great start to your babymoon!! I only wish I could have something like that for my bachelorette party, but $2500 is crazyyyyy. Yay for getting lucky though :)

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