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Our Bonus Room Reveal

Friday, June 12, 2015

I can't believe we've been in our new home for nearly 6 months already. I had planned on getting the house all put together as soon as we moved in and jump right in to reveal posts, but the whole process of decorating and deciding that I was finally happy enough with how it all turned out to show it to all of you took longer than I expected. So my hope is that over the next month or so, I can start to do more reveal posts and share some of our finished spaces. You've already gotten a chance to see our front porch and kitchen, but I'm excited to share even more of the place we call home.

One of the rooms that Dan and I were both most excited about when building our house was our bonus room. This was one of the spaces we had actually never seen in person. When choosing our floor plan, we had walked through a house that had a similar downstairs, but no upstairs. So we were anxiously awaiting the second story framing and finishing process so we could start to get a better idea of what this room would really look like. We talked and decided early on that we wanted it to have a more rustic, warm and fun feel than our living room, which is why we decided on a game/sports room theme, with a touch of fire department and antique pieces. Like I said, this room is on our second story, next to our office/Cooper's room. Eventually we figured this space would get some additions for the kids like a play area and toy box, but for now, we are really happy with how this space turned out!

This is the view of the room when you enter it from the stairs
Of course we are big Atlanta Braves and Oregon Duck fans so we tried to incorporate as much team pride in the room as possible, adding in some antique pieces to add some more character

One of my favorite parts of the room is the part we actually put together first, and that's the fire corner. Dan never really had a space in our old house to keep all the different awards and photos taken from the fire department and since we already had some old fire stuff and a couple new pieces, I was excited to create this corner of the room for him. 

Dan won the Chief's award last year and was awarded Paramedic of the year for 2014. I couldn't be prouder & I love to have a space to display these awards along with some photos and the awesome metal sign my parents had made for us. 
I suppose not many people decorate with old fire hose or an antique fire extinguisher, but I liked how they add to the space and are a unique touch to the room. 

We used our entertainment center from our previous house for the bonus room since we mounted the tv downstairs above the fire place. 
Of course I had the braves game on while I was taking photos for the blog . . . oh and they won, in case you were wondering 
Don't worry, I wasn't the one drinking the beer, mine was the caffeine free diet coke in the sparkly braves koozie! 
I still love decorating with old insulators, reminding me of my grandparents house and his work installing lightning protection when my mom was growing up
I also added some antique games like Chinese checkers and ping pong paddles to enhance the game feel

The other side of the room houses more storage, including all Dan's beer and wine making books along with some of our favorite wine we're saving for a special occasion and his scotch collection. I'm sure this space will change quite a bit once the baby arrives, especially once she's more mobile, but it's a fun replacement for a bar cart in the room. 

So I'll leave you with a few more photos of different views of the room. 
These couches were less than easy to get in this room. We actually had a couch and love seat that were a set from our previous home (you can see the love seat closest to the left in the photo above) but the couch wouldn't fit up the stairs (which we found out after trying several different angles and leaving some scratches up the stairway). I'm happy with how it turned out, but purchasing a new couch for this room was definitely not part of our original plan! 

This space is so relaxing and cozy to spend time in! We love having a separate living space that we can hang out in and watch movies and games. I'm excited to have this space as a family hang out room in the future and an extra room for the kids to hang out and have friends over in. Having a bonus room was on our list of would like to haves when searching for our home, and we are both so excited we found a house plan with one included as it has become one of my favorite spaces in the house! 


  1. Very cute room set up and I love the décor! Go Braves!

  2. Great job decorating the bonus room. I think we have similar mindsets because I won't be rushing to get my house "blog" ready, I want to actually take my time decorating since it's pretty much our forever home! I have to ask where did you get the coffee table? It's just what I'm looking for.

  3. Your bonus room looks great. I love your style.

  4. It looks so cozy and inviting!

  5. Having a bonus room is perfect. We have one too and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

  6. What a great room, I love all the decorations! My husband is a firefighter, too, and I have a ton of his awards and stuff just stacked up in the den. This is inspiring me to display them in some way! :-)

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