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5 Years Later - Getting Ready

Thursday, July 9, 2015

5 years ago this week, I was slowly getting ready for the day with some of my favorite ladies by my side. Dan and I had decided to spend the night separately and not talk until that afternoon. My friends and I enjoyed mimosas and girl talk as we got our hair done. We headed to the winery around noon and finished getting ready while we snacked on lunch. The whole day, I was just excited. Nervous to have to stand in front of so many people with all eyes on us, but never nervous about marrying Dan. Finally being able to see him early that afternoon before the ceremony really calmed any nerves I had. Well that, and the glass of wine I enjoyed before the guests arriving.

If you had asked me where we would be in 5 years, I honestly probably would have figured we'd be somewhere close to where we are now. In a home of our own, getting ready to add a baby to our family and still completely happily married to my best friend. The last 5 years have definitely seen their ups and downs with the loss of family members and additions of others. But I can't imagine having gone through it all without Dan by my side.

Since I wasn't blogging when we planned or celebrated our wedding 5 years ago, I decided that over this next week would be a good time to share images from our special day. Even though it was 5 years ago, I'm a sucker for wedding pictures so hopefully some of my readers are too! Each day I will share a different aspect of our wedding so you can see how special that day was! I can't believe how fast 5 years has flown by, and I really can't wait to see what we experience in the next 50!

So today I figured I'd start from the beginning of the day . . .

Like I said earlier, Dan and I decided to stay separate places the night before our wedding. Dan stayed at his best man's house and I stayed at home with my maid of honor (it worked that our best man and maid of honor happened to be married) so we had our own girls and guys nights. The morning of the wedding, all the guys went golfing and the girls enjoyed mimosas at our house as we got our hair done.

We headed over to the venue around one and enjoyed lunch in the bride's room while we did our makeup and got dressed.
The boys had their own space downstairs where I'm guessing they did less getting ready and makeup and more goofing around. Some of them were still a little tired from their afternoon naps and the early golfing and beer they enjoyed that day. It was fun to have the whole day with our best friends and so nice to have lots of time to get ready and not feel rushed.
Dan and I decided not to talk much the day of our wedding until the first look so instead we shared cards we had each written and our best man passed along the gifts we had gotten each other. Dan got me a beautiful bracelet while I got Dan cufflinks to wear.
By the time it was time for our first look, I started getting a little nervous. Not nervous to get married, but anxious for him to see me! I made my way downstairs and outside to where we planned to meet.

Tomorrow I'll share our first look photos and the portraits of just us from our wedding day.


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Can't wait to see more pictures! Happy 5th Anniversary!

  2. LOVE!!! I can't wait to see more pictures of your special day. I hope you two have a wonderful anniversary! It will be the last one with just the two of you!

  3. How exciting and what a wonderful way to remember the five years you and your husband have been together! So glad to have found your blog via Grow Your Blog! :)


  4. I love wedding pictures, so lovely! Thanks for sharing, you look beautiful


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