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Counting Down the Weekends

Monday, July 27, 2015

As our weekends without a baby dwindle down and my nesting instinct continues to rise, we've been trying to get lots done! This weekend my goal was to get stuff checked off our to do list, but also enjoy some time together just the two of us! Dan took the day off on Saturday so that we had the entire weekend together which was so nice! We had some things already planned out for the weekend, but lots of down time as well.

Friday after work we did a little shopping for the baby and for a birthday party we were attending later in the weekend. We got a bite to eat after shopping and then headed home to curl up in the bonus room and watch movies for the rest of the night where I proceeded to fall asleep on Dan's shoulder.

Saturday we woke up early to walk Cooper and get ready before heading down to the local festival. If you remember me talking last year about the time I wore a tirara and got myself a husband where I talked about how Dan and I met during our local festival several years ago. Normally he ends up working the Saturday of the festival so it was nice to have him home this year. We headed down and had breakfast at the Rotary pancake breakfast and then enjoyed the parade from the station parking lot. After the parade we headed to our friend's house to celebrate their twin's first birthday. It's hard to believe it's already been a year since they were born, especially considering the fact that she and I have the same due date so it really started to make me think about the fact that our little girl could join our family at any time!
This was from a year ago when I met their little ones for the first time! 

After the party we relaxed for a while at home and then decided to go out to dinner together and head back down to the festival to watch the fireworks. It's been several years since we got to watch the fireworks together and since Dan's parents, especially his Dad volunteered and put so much time towards the festival and fireworks in the past, it's always nice to watch them and think about how much he would have enjoyed the show.
Sunday we got so much done on the baby front! We started our day with a short walk (still trying to get those steps in!). I'd been putting off going through the pile of mail and junk drawer in the kitchen that keeps growing so while Dan made breakfast, I sorted through coupons and mail to get things organized and filed away. We spent our afternoon making freezer meals for once the baby is here. This is something I'd been wanting to do for a while, but never have the freezer space. Since our new freezer will be delivered this week, it seemed like the perfect time to get everything all prepped! We also finished all baby girl's laundry, installed the car seat in my car and finished packing our hospital bags and even had time to make dinner for my dad and visit my mom after she got off work.

It was a busy weekend, but we still got time in to rest and relax. I can't believe how numbered our weekends are before our little girl arrives! I find myself wondering every week if this will be our last weekend before she's here. Hopefully she'll hold out a little while longer, but I'm feeling much more prepared for whenever she does arrive.


  1. Ahh!!! She will be here SO soon! I'm so glad you two got to enjoy a nice weekend together. It sound like so much fun!

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