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Family & Wedding Party - Oregon Vineyard Wedding

Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Monday! Are you sick of looking at wedding photos yet? Sorry, I'm not! :) Today I thought I would share the photos we took after the ones of just Dan and I, our family and bridal party.

Once we finished our first look and spent a little while taking photos of just Dan and me, we had our families show up for family pictures. Luckily we both have small families so this went really quick and was fairly painless.

After we finished pictures of just Dan and I, it was time to take some with our family. One of the photos I really wish we had gotten was one of both of our families together, but I'm so thankful for the one's we have!
Next it was time to bring out our bridal party. Of course they had already been watching us take family pictures and the boys especially had been making faces and cracking jokes to get us to laugh.
I really couldn't be happier with all the amazing people who were a part of our special day, especially our families and wedding party. Not only were they supportive and helpful, but truly made the day so much fun (as you can see from many of these photos).
The guys definitely had more fun with their photos than the girls. But that doesn't mean that we didn't have a good time. The ladies who stood next to me were my best friend, a friend from high school, a friend I had met through my Mom several years earlier, and two friends who were more like sisters that I grew up with in New York. And while our relationships may have changed over the last five years, it meant so much to have them there with me on my wedding day!

Like I said, below you will see Dan with his Groomsmen, and just how much fun they had together that day! He had his best friend as his best man, his best friend's brother in-law who quickly became one of our best friends after joining the family, two friends who he met through the fire department, my brother, and my best friend growing up. Even though they hadn't all spent much time together before our wedding, they all got along and joked around like they'd been best friends for years!
And lastly was the choice of our flower girl. As you'll see in the ceremony photos, our ring bearer was actually one of our good friends who looked more like a groomsman, except that he carried the ring pillow down the aisle and walked with our flower girl. While it was definitely non-traditional, it made the day so much better!! Our flower girl was a girl that Dan and I had been watching since she was just weeks old. I'm fairly certain she's the reason Dan is so excited to have our own little girl in a matter of weeks. She was completely adorable that day and even made people laugh during the ceremony! I can't believe she's 8 now!! 

Even just looking back at these photos it brings back such fun memories of that day and I can't help but smile! I'm so thankful that our family and friends could all be there to support us and make the day so memorable! 

Venue: Vista Hills Vineyard & Winery
Photographer: Emily Haven Photography
Wedding Dress: Rosewood Bridal
Tuxes: Men's Warehouse
Flowers: Showcase of Flowers
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal 


  1. Beautiful wedding, you look smashing! What a gorgeous wedding! Thanks for sharing your lovely day, I never get tired of looking at wedding photos. Just curious what site you use to create your signature at the end of the post? I have tried it on a few and can't get it to work :/

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