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First Look & Wedding Portraits

Friday, July 10, 2015

I'm back with day 2 of my wedding week recap. For those of you already sick of wedding photos, it's probably best to just come back next week after Wednesday or Thursday :) (Sorry).

I can vividly remember walking towards Dan with his back facing me, just minutes away from him seeing me for the first time. We had decided on doing a first look when we started talking about how we wanted our wedding day to go. Our ceremony wasn't until 6:30 so we wanted to make sure we would have time to get in all the photos we wanted without feeling rushed or missing out on too much time with our guests. I also loved the idea of having some time with just him before the ceremony. It really calmed any nerves I had and made me even more excited for the ceremony and reception ahead. For our first look and the first few images we took of just us, it was only the two of us and our photographer. I wouldn't trade this time on that day for anything and I couldn't be happier with all the images she captured!
After taking the photos of just us, we did all the photos with our family and bridal party which I'll share on Monday.

After our ceremony we snuck away from the reception a few times to get a few more images, especially the ones in the vineyard and with the sunset! Being able to sneak away for a few minutes was such a nice break and perfect time to be able to take everything in and have some time with just us (and our photographer too of course).

We were able to be in the vineyards as the sun set and walk back to our reception as everything was illuminated with candles and white lights with our friends and family dancing away. It was the perfect break from all the action and a fun way to kick off the dancing at our reception!

Come back Monday when I'll be sharing photos from our ceremony.

Venue: Vista Hills Vineyard & Winery
Photographer: Emily Haven Photography
Wedding Dress: Rosewood Bridal
Tuxes: Men's Warehouse
Flowers: Showcase of Flowers


  1. Stunning photos! The lighting is perfect! Yall are such a precious couple!

  2. I love the lighting in the last photos! They are beautiful!

  3. OH my gosh, the sunset pictures, gorgeous! Love first look photos too, they're so genuine. Makes me so happy to see people so happy. Keep the photos coming!

  4. These photos are gorgeous! I love wedding photos, thank you for sharing!

  5. Gorgeous photos!!! I love the ones in the evening--the lighting is amazing :)

  6. Your dress is amazing! Love the pictures, very beautiful!